‘On the same moral ground as regimes like Syria’


Paul Dewar blasts Vic Toews’ directive.

“I’m appalled at the moral bankruptcy of the Harper government. Torture has no place in a civilized world. We cannot condone torture and then talk to other nations about human rights,” said Dewar … “When Mr. Harper and his government condone torture, they are putting Canada on the same moral ground as regimes like Syria that practice torture. Our country should be a beacon for human rights not an enabler of human rights abuses” stated Dewar.


‘On the same moral ground as regimes like Syria’

  1. Ahhhh…a new testament Christian meets up with old testament ‘christians’.

  2. Surely, Mr Wherry, with your resources, you can dig up an appropriate comment by, say, Omar Khadr, to reinforce Mr. Dewar’s sanctimonious pronunciamento. 

    • Why am I not surprised you are keen to torture children?

    • Why would we ask the kid in Gitmo who was found guilty of a crime about this comparison when we could ask the guy we actually let the Syrians torture even though he was never even CHARGED with a crime?

  3. Off subject but……
    I just looked at the results of the recent poll about the possibility of gov/t cutbacks at OAS where 72% of MacLeans respondents have said that there should not be any OAS cutback. After been given the evidence that OAS payments will double within 20 years while we have will have a smaller tax-paying workforce to pay for these benefits 72% of the readers of MacLeans selfishley want future generations to finance their retirement.

    That survey has convinced me this is no place for reasonable thinking people.
    It/s the Aaron Wherry show.
    Full of twits and nerdy spellcheckers.
    Coyne is gone—is Wells still here.
    Macleans may have been representative of a cross-section of Canada at one time, but it/s time is done—-fortunately that 72% is now only representative of about 15% of Canada.

    • Calvin, are you saying that MacLeans should be allowed to continue to expire or to fall on its sword in the same way as one hopes its fellow ward of the state – CBC – meets its overdue end. One thinks so. 

    • 60% of Canadians didn’t vote for Harper.

      Live with it.

      • Actually, when you include non-voters, more then 75 per cent of voters declined to vote for Harper.

        And non-voters need to be counted since the strategies of most right-wing parties everywhere include voter suppression tactics aimed at those with views that reflect the true majority of citizens.   

        • . . . as the talking points come pouring out.

    • This has been a paid political message from the Conservative Party of Canada, no doubt approved by Stephen Harper.

    • So suggest a better site then? Can you? I doubt it?

      Also you might want to remember that retirees have paid taxes and in some cases will continue pay taxes after retirement. It has already been pointed out that the doubling is relative
       as inflation and a growing economy will wittle that down some.

      Maybe the participants thought there were more pressing priorities? As the only point that Harper raised that has resonated as far as i can see is the fact that the number of tax payers will shrink relative to the retirees – so i imagine there will be some compromise that allows those who can work beyond 65 to do so

      . What you call selfishness i call legitmate concern for those who may be unable to work any longer then 65. Life isn’t as cut and dried as you would like to have evryone believe it is.

    • Learn to read.
      Only about 38% said no cutbacks to OAS.
      The other 34% said no cutbacks at all right now.

      The two are very different responses, unless you’re a single minded ideologue with no ability to see anything but black and white.

      • Weirdest policy rollout ever.  They refuse to tell us what is on the table and then attack when anyone who suggests possible approaches.  I guess we’re supposed to deduce  from their reactions what they have in mind. 

    • While we’re off-topic, still waiting for your answer back here:


  4. Bad day at Con Central?  Hitler, torture – what have you got cooked up for tomorrow? 

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