On the way to Toronto


The NDP convention will apparently open tomorrow with word of a tie.


On the way to Toronto

  1. I now understand why Libs are keen to have Rae as leader – someone who can increase support by an entire 1% against colossal parliamentarian Turmel is obviously a winner. 

    The New Democrats will begin their leadership convention on Friday with a remarkable wind filling their sails. For the first time in 25 years, the polling firm Environics has them in first place, tied with the Conservatives.
    The Liberals are in third place with 20-per-cent support, up one point from election day. The Bloc has the support of 30 per cent of voters in Quebec, only four percentage points behind the NDP, which swept the province last May.

    • Why put it down soley to Rae? Vikileaks and unethical robocalls of their own have obviously bitten into liberal support in recent weeks.

      By the same logic i doubt if Turmel has had much to do with the NDP support, in fact it’s the tories who have gone backwards and the libs nowhere. This result also masks a sharp drop off in NDP support in Quebec, which has to concern them right now.

      As for Rae. I bet he’s fuming at a lost opportunity for the party due to unethical lapses of their own, which is not the same as blaming him. But you went right to the core of the liberal numbers, as always TA – spot on analysis.

  2. Everyone in Canada should be pleased with this.  The opposition parties for the obvious reasons, and all but the most partisan conservatives as it likely shows that trying to tamper with elections can have an ill-effect on popularity (regular supporters can think of it as a wake up call with three years to get back on track.  Or maybe get on the track in the first place). 

  3. I love how the article is pointing out that the banks are calling for the government to increase legislation on mortgages.

    I love it because it’s a stick in the eye to all the libertarians out there; directly pointing out how one of the main tenets of their religion — that people making rational decisions for themselves is automatically going to work out well for society as a whole — doesn’t hold up.

    edit: LOL.. and what I hate is that I’m an idiot at times. I went from the article Aaron links to an article about Flaherty talking about how the cuts in the budget will be modest.. so the above comment makes absolutely zero sense in the context of the OP.

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