On today’s “explosive” Liberal caucus meeting


It wasn’t explosive. Here’s a memory from that distant golden time, i.e. this morning, when some people expected it to be explosive.

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On today’s “explosive” Liberal caucus meeting

  1. Stephane Dion:


  2. Not worth the short-term risk.

  3. I’m sure many Liberals are reflecting on the past four years. And after doing so they must smirk or even chuckle a bit. For even the most curmudgeonly, or conversely the most empathetic of them must find it nearly beyone belief that the Conservatives still don’t have a majority. That may be tempering the “explosive” meetings a bit.

  4. He wants to remain so he can fix the problems with ‘ Fundraising ‘! = where is a giff of a puffin when you need one.

  5. Another Yaffe yack-ette. I think there is more a sense of relief from all around – Wayne’s world excepted.

  6. On the one hand, there’s really no point in caucus members (or former caucus members) ranting and raving at Dion. There’s also the adage about those who live in glass houses, etc.

    On the other hand, Joe Volpe and Jim Karigyanis were presumably present – and they don’t seem to have any problem being the ones to throw the first rock (being without sin, natch).

    Possible that it WAS explosive, but they’re just so scared shirtless of being labeled as dysfunctional or divided that they actually didn’t let it be known publicly? I think that would make it the first time a secret was kept in the Liberal caucus room in a long, long time.

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