One hour to go


An hour away from this afternoon’s scheduled meeting, there is no clarity as to whether it will happen or, if it does happen, who will be in attendance.

Protesters are gathering on Parliament Hill. Bob Rae is speaking with reporters in the National Press Theatre. And threats of disruptions are being floated.


One hour to go

  1. Time for an ‘executive decision’ here, Harper

    • I think it is time for Shaun Atleo to make an executive decision seeing how it is only a handful of chiefs that don’t want the meeting with Harper to do through.

      • I think you just believe what you want to believe.

        • Nooo, I just read it on Macleans….the article is right on here. Do you only selectively read on this site too?

          • HI…you’ve been told all along that there are 60 First Nations involved in over 600 communities…..and that means they’re going to argue and disagree and have their own factions etc

            Europe can’t get all the countries in the EU to agree on everything, and they’ve been working on it for over half a century.

            Hell we can’t put 10 premiers in a room and get them to agree on where to have lunch, so this is nothing unusual.

            What we can’t do is guess which faction is going to prevail here…maybe one of several….and that may change by tomorrow.

            All we can do is wait and see….hard, because the economy is resting on it….but then we’ve let it come to this, so we have no one to blame but ourselves.

          • So you just read the article then?

          • No, haven’t had time to read much of anything today. I’ve simply dealt with FN before.

          • Have you ever thought of running a newspaper, or perhaps becoming PM? You seem to think highly of yourself.

          • I’m a realist. I don’t have time to be PM…. LOL

          • Emily told us she held “elected office” before but she doesn’t want to disclose her real name or the office. Hmmm….she could be Jean Chretien.

          • Nah, her written English is too good.

          • Mike Harris?

          • But does school board trustee of the Greater Timmins area really count as “elected office”?

          • LOL 15 comments on 10 different articles on Macleans.ca SO FAR today, and you haven’t “had time to read much of anything”?!?! You’re idiotic lies are too funny! Are you commenting without reading the articles? Cause that would explain a lot.

          • I wake up to between 5 and 20 queries on here every morning.

            I have more that go straight to Trash.

            I read and answer intelligent comments….that’s not the same as reading articles.

          • And how exactly do you get these magical “queries” every morning? Are people flocking to Macleans.ca to query the Emily the Economist on all matters of importance? You really should see a shrink about that narcissistic streak in you.

          • ??? I have an account here….they come to my email addy, same as they do with you.

          • Apparently you don’t know the difference between a “query” and the “bird finger.”

            Quelle surprise.

          • Don’t worry about the economy Emily
            The economy will breath it’s greatest sigh of relief since 1930, the morning it gets up and doesn’t ever send another FAT cheque to Big Chief No Invoices.

  2. I hope Natives learn one thing from this week – they should have their arguments behind closed doors and not in front of msm for world to watch and critique. All large parties have squabbles internally and it is best for everyone if they remain private.

    • Passions are understandably running high for lots of these guys. It may not be Harper’s fault, but his attitude really hasn’t helped. As someone else said…he’s nearly always reactive not proactive…it’s a great weakness in a PM imo.

      • Read the other article that just came online on Macleans….it is only a “handful” of chiefs who are having problems with meeting with Harper and are talking about shutting Canada down. The rest want to meet and at least give him their list of demands. Who I feel sorry for is Shaun Atleo. They elected him, now let him do his job.

        • Do you believe that once elected, leaders should not have to face discord from those who elected them? Atleo showed some fire in his belly yesterday; this could all be good for him in the long run. Perry Bellegarde is with him, from SFIN, and he was an opponent in the AFN race. Aboriginal leaders have to face discord in their politics just like any other elected leaders. Perhaps it’s his longstanding perceived silence as leader for his people that has landed him between this rock and that hard place. I was somewhat surprised he won again.

          • What I think is that when a group is in a conflict with another group, it should try to rally behind the leader it has chosen and show unity EVEN if that leader was not the choice of everyone in the group. This really isn’t the time for discord within AFN. As one Chief said, they did “not come to Ottawa to protest”, they came to meet with the Prime Minister” and present their demands.

            Discord is fine but their is place and a time and I am not sure it is the best thing to play in out on a public stage. It shows your opponent where your weaknesses lie.

          • I agree that dirty laundry is best not aired in public, but I also think that divide and conquer is a well-known ploy to make people attack each other in public. And as far as I’m concerned, Canada’s aboriginal people have been set after each other, and by the prime minister. I know you won’t see it that way, but for example, when he stood up last year and said that Attiwaskipat had received $93 Million, but did not say that was since 2006, well, harper was dividing and attempting to conquer — all of us, Canadians in general pushed to question the aboriginal leadership, and the aboriginal people themselves to point fingers at each other.

        • I find that an odd phrase when there are chief from Ontario,Manitoba, SK and the NT missing. I have no idea of the split but it seems significant.

      • Rae was right, Harper made this a big deal by never meeting. Harper meeting with FN leaders should be such a regular deal it doesn’t even get covered. He has let it escalate by doing nothing, and letting it build up..
        And in the photo ops of the meeting a year ago, there’s the GG??

        • Rae and Mulclair are just so bloody happy that it isn’t them that have to deal with this issue. It is sooo easy to play armchair quarterback especially for Rae who knows he will NEVER be PM and have to negotiate anything with the FN. Mulclair, you will notice isn’t saying anything that he might have to live with if he ever is PM.

          • I think you are right about Rae and Mulcair being relatively happy; however I don’t think for one moment that Mulcair needs to worry about being prime minister.

          • That may be true about Mulclair but he certainly isn’t making any statements that he might have to retract later.

          • True, but he might also regret that silence one day too.

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