The provinces and Serge Joyal vs. Senate reform

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In addition to the factums of the federal government, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Alberta, the factums for Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and Senator Serge Joyal are now available via the Supreme Court’s website.


The provinces and Serge Joyal vs. Senate reform

  1. What about BC’s ‘ liberals’ Aaron.. Any news from them ?

    • Ok I see they got a one week extension .. Will stay tuned

  2. To all those who think the Senate may be reformed please
    study the history of its creation. It was created to control unfettered
    democracy. The thinking being that
    ordinary commoners were unfit to govern and needed to be overseen by a body of
    sage individuals appointed by the Crown. It is an insult to democracy and had
    become a repository and patronage gift for failed candidates, bag men and party
    faithful. It is useless, clueless and a
    waste of millions of dollars per month.
    It was a mistake in 1867 and it is even more unacceptable in this day
    and age. It must be abolished.

    To those that say making it elected would clean it up. Horse
    cookies, we have more politicians per capita than most other countries in the
    world. Just what we need more double dipping politicians, and more obscene pensions.

  3. I am outraged at your insinuation that Trudeau is Trudeauing his Trudeau-like self in a Trudeauish manner, Wherry!

    There, that ought to cover this week.