Open to consideration


Megan Leslie hasn’t ruled out a run for the NDP leadership. Paul Dewar says his name can be included on the list of possible candidates. The Globe says Charlie Angus is considering it. Peter Julian is thinking about it. And so is Francoise Boivin, who, via her assistant, ventures a prerequisite for any future leader.

Another Quebec MP, Francoise Boivin, is giving it some thought, according to her parliamentary assistant, Alexandre Gingras. He said Tuesday the Gatineau MP is waiting to see what rules are established by the party to govern the race before deciding whether to throw her hat in the ring.

Gingras said Boivin has already made one thing clear: that the next leader should be “perfectly bilingual.”


Open to consideration

  1. We’ll see if the executive of that party changes the rules adopted by the membership – one member, one vote.  Aren’t provincial members of the NPD automatically members of the federal party?  There must be a lot of dippers in Western Canada.  I have not idea how many members the party has overall, or in any province.  I am very tempted to become a member of that party, while retaining my member in the LPC.  After all, if Nycole Turmel could be a member of two federal parties at once and for years, so can I.  I’d like to have a say in choosing the next leader of the opposition.

    • “There must be a lot of dippers in Western Canada. I have not idea how many members the party has overall, or in any province.”


      During Cons leadership races, conservatives have discussions about how many conservatives are there in Que and who’s going to get their votes?

      I think it was R Silver other day reminding people that ground game is more important than air war or something like that. 

      It all comes down to which contender, by hook or by crook, can attract most supporters.

      • The conservatives should know how many members they have !  In any case, anybody can vote in a ‘one member, one vote’ contest.  Weren’t Albertans rushing to sign up to the progressive conservatives, when 97,000 persons voted to elect Stelmach?  Heck, if they so decided, the cons being such a strong organization, they could support Doer and turn the NPD into the greatest defender of the oil sands.

        • “…..  they could support Doer and turn the NPD into the greatest defender of the oil sands.”

          Now you are talking!  

          When I read your first comment about having a say in choosing next leader of OLO I was thinking about mobilizing conservatives and getting M Bernier as NDP leader.  

          Your Doer idea much better, more sensible and practical.

          • I like your Bernier suggestion too – after all, it would be considered a witchhunt for anyone to suggest that you can’t be a member of both the CPC and the NDP at once and become the leader of the NDP (Bernier of course would have to give up his membership at some point in the process).  

            But Doer is a respected dipper, a former premier and a current ambassador.  He could beat Harper ! He doesn’t speak French but frankly I don’t care – no more than I cared that Dion didn’t speak English like the Queen.

    • ” I am very tempted to become a member of that party, while retaining my member in the LPC. ”

      Technically, you are not allowed to do this, although I gather that some get away with it as it’s difficult to check. Turmel’s membership would have been checked when she became a candidate, which is why she sorted it out just before running. But it’s against NDP rules to have membership in a competing party. The idea is that members are supposed actually be supporters of the philosophy and values of the party.

      • The recent leadership campaigns in BC had a large number of people taking out membership in both the BC Liberal and NDP parties at the same time. Parties that allow purely “one member one vote” elections are a natural target for mass sign-ups of people with allegiance to a particular candidate, or an organizer for that candidate, but not to the party in which their membership is taken out (often paid for by a third party).  That tends to distort campaigns. The federal Conservative party (and the BC Liberals) avoid that largely by giving equal weight to each riding’s vote.  That has the alternate effect of making it valuable for leadership campaigns to target ridings with few members, such as in Quebec for the NDP or Tories, where a few extra members can swing an entire riding’s vote.
        In any case, so long as membership lists remain private it is almost impossible to enforce a rule against membership in two parties at the same time.

  2. I reckon Yoko Ono has all the answers for potential NDP leader candidates. 

    Whisper desires to wind and keep on dancing! 

    Tweet ~ Write all the things you want to do. Ask others to do them and move on. Keep dancing

    Tweet ~ Whisper your desire to the wind. Ask the wind to take it to the end of the world.

  3. I’ve heard rumours (by no means can I verify them as credible) that Dewar was Layton’s man, but I doubt the NDP Quebec Caucus will endorse him.

    His french is decidedly imperfect.

    • Caucus?  Isn’t it a ‘one member, one vote’ contest?

      • I’m not suggesting caucus will be choosing the leader, but I suspect their support will carry significant weight in the contest – and is obviously fairly essential to the success of any leader ultimately chosen.

  4. Is Charlie Angus bilingual? I don’t know how he is regarded in the party, but he seems quick on his feet along with having that “one of the guys” appeal that attracts the media and voters.

  5. Layton was kind of rare in that he could more or less fit in anywhere along the stretch of Canada along the 401/20 highways that has about half the country’s population, but also didn’t that southern Ontario dialect that sounds whiny to westerners, and was just way out there enough to feel at home in Vancouver.  It won’t be easy to find that in another candidate and have the same kind of leader ship qualities.  Mulcair might have appeal to Manitoba & Sask if he shaves & stops looking like a geriatric hippie.  I’m not really sure how he’d play in other parts of the country.

  6. Add me to the list.  I haven’t officially refused to consider the idea to anyone who asked and didn’t wait for a response. Therefore, I must be considering it. No logical fallacy there.

    (Nothing against the brilliant Megan Leslie, I’m just trying to point out that the media is overfilling the speculation bucket.  It’s either getting hilarious or tiresome, or both.)

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