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‘Ottawa is broken’


A statement from interim NDP leader Nycole Turmel.

New Democrats welcome the investigation by Elections Canada into the tens of thousands of complaints they received about election suppression activities during the last federal election. As we have said from the start, New Democrats will do everything we can to help this investigation and have been sharing information we receive with Elections Canada.

We regret the approach the Prime Minister and the Conservative Party have taken. They have tried to mislead Canadians. They have tried to blame the opposition. They have refused to take any responsibility-as they did with the in-and-out scandal, where they claimed total innocence right up to the moment when they pled guilty.

Canadians are sick of these scandals. Conservatives promised to clean up Ottawa scandals, instead they have just added new scandals of their own. Worst of all, Conservatives have tried to smear the tens of thousands of Canadians who have come forward with complaints of election suppression and harassment. Serious allegations are being made by well-meaning Canadians. Conservatives must stop their obfuscation and come clean about their role.

We call on Stephen Harper to direct the Conservative Party to immediately come forward and hand over all evidence they have to Elections Canada and the RCMP. This must include all documents related to the work they did with the firms RackNine, Responsive Marketing Group and Campaign Research, as well as any other firms that worked on direct communication with voters during the last election.

Honest answers are needed to restore faith in our electoral process. If the Prime Minister persists in using the reprehensible tactics he did during this week’s Question Period, if he continues to try and make a farce out of serious allegations while refusing to investigate the Conservative Party and hand over all relevant documents, there will be no choice but to call a public inquiry.

Ottawa is broken. But Canadian families can count on New Democrats to fix it.


‘Ottawa is broken’

  1. This type of over-the-top, irresponsible, hyper-partisan hyperbole speaks volumes about the nature and genesis of this “scandal”. 

    It’s amazaing, that after flogging the faux scandal horse for years leading up to the last election, an election in which the Conservatives gained yet more seats and achieved a sizeable majority, the opposition has decided to continue on with the same tactic while apparently expecting different results.

    The political sky has been falling since prorogue (the 105th prorouge – the previous 104 being just fine apparently).  The chicken littles seemingly never out of breath.

    • I see Harper still has you on the payroll…

      • What kind of idiotic statement is that?

        • He’s a Conbot. Surely you know that. Don’t you two share a cubicle or something?

          • Yup, you are an idiot.

          • Funny; having read your comments over the past while, that’s the same opinion I have of you.

            Ches was on here during the election and was a shrill shill for the CPC; your sudden appearance here lately and your rabid preaching of CPC talking points makes you seem to likewise be on their payroll.

        • You guys might as well be posting in blue ink, it’s that obvious. 

    • I know you’re trying to do the ‘jest a settin’ and a whittlin”  thingy on the backporch here, while you speak wisely about oil on troubled waters……and all the other Con cliches ….but this isn’t business as usual.

      It’s a serious matter affecting the foundations of our democracy, and it has to be delved into, like it or not.  And you know that.

    • Keep it up. Every such attempt to minimize the issue or contain the damage reinforces an apparently growing perception across the land that the Cons are more concerned about self-preservation than they are about the welfare of the Canadian body politic.

    • When Harper was in opposition he continually threw dirt, threw dirt, threw dirt and eventually it began to stick with Adscam (and justifiably so).
       So now the opposition has repeated the same program -for it’s what any/all opposition do – and guess what? It is starting to stick (and justifiably so).

       Your shrill partisan drivel never changes a note and never deviates from the company tune – and if that’s what makes the mirror smile back at you, then I guess that’s where you’re meant to be.

       Harper is not all bad, but he is not all good either. By defending his every move, you reveal yourself to be “no different” than the very people you vilify. 

      Take another good look in that mirror.

  2. Never  do the selfservative supporters like you ever take a breath and stop supporting the cons even when they break laws. Haven’t noticed your party hasn’t been ‘open and accountable’ since elected no matter how many times Stephen Harper says “Let me be perfectly clear…”?

    • As Steve likes to say, “obviously.”

  3. Chesterson your words are too big. Go back to reaserch work for the conservetives. Anyway. There were too many ridings and 39% is nothing considering combined ndp and liberal exceeds that. And i read harpers book on how to win an election. He pretty much put this all in the game plan. Its sad.

  4. If there is a problem there must be a solution, I am on a do not call list yet I did get calls, please do not call me for the next election Canada because when you call me I am wondering where you got my phone number in the first place, I am a private Canadian and I would never disturb a politicians home phone, I expect the same respect, I add Canada from 1867- 145 years should be up and running smoothly by now with Happy Canadians enjoying life for life is short.

    • A perfect example of why the 31000 number doesn’t hold much weight with me.

      How many of the 31000 complaints we are seeing are just like this? “I’m on the do not call list and I was called by a political party?” I bet you knock off 25% of the calls just for that.

      Hell, the CPC called me about 5 times in the last 1-2 days before the election (all legitimate calls bugging me to go vote). I’m almost ready to complain to EC about being harassed…but there’s nothing illegal or wrong about what they did…just very annoying.

      • Hell! Maxime Bernier had 10 times that many emails….. um …… before they were deleted. But Man! They were there!
         And that was the reason given for pole axing the MLFC

      • Well when I am standing in their office feeding them my phone they may think Twice bout calling my phone again cause I live by my own set of Values! and I don’t like being bothered by stuffy cheating lying politicians they creep me out a real Horror Show! Never liked them at all they think they’re better than you.

    •  The DNCL (the national one) specifically exempts political parties from the restrictions, so if anything, that list would provide more numbers to the political parties (who says they have to request the list to NOT call?).

      Check out the CRTC site if you don’t believe it.  Some are calling for the political party exemption to be removed.  I’m all for that.

  5. I’d be just as interested in seeing all documents from the NDP and LPC related to their use of robo-calling in the last election. These fools are trying to pretend like the CPC is the only party that used robo-calls, which is obviously not the case.

    • Again, you’re diverting

      No one ever said Cons were the only ones that use robocalls….they all do.

      It’s the ILLEGAL content of the calls that we’re discussing.

      • Which is why the possibility that it was the NDP or LPC should be looked at.

        •  HarperConservatives did all the attack ads.

          • How does that have anything to do with this?

          • They have the track record for “dirt”

            See in/out guilty plea

             See Irwin Colter affair

             Do they count?

        • There is no indication that the calls are from Libs or Dippers…..every indication is that it’s the Cons.

        • Dean del Mastro is on it – says some of those 31,000 complaints are Cons complaining about the Liberals. 

    • They haven’t denied using them Rick. Quit being disingenuous. This is about people getting calls from people claiming that they represent Elections Canada and directing citizens to non-existent voting stations. I think most people are in agreement that we should find out who is responsible regardless of political affiliation. I just find most telling that Con supporters seem to feel that there is nothing wrong with these egregious acts  in what is supposed to be a healthy, thriving democracy. 

      • And all I’m saying is that we should investigate the possibility that it was the NDP or LPC.

        • I’m fine with that — it’s despicable regardless of who’s responsible.

        • You think the investigators are so dense, they wouldn’t spot this.

    • I understand that the LPC is ready to show these, if the Conservative agree to reciprocate.

      I’d be interested to know why members of a HoC committee, where the Conservative have the majority of seats, would insist on secrets meetings and votes on matters pertaining to Elections Canada, which obliges all participants to secrecy.  I understand that in camera meetings are necessary sometimes, in the case of military sensitive information for example, but I have heard no reason why the Conservatives insist on this secrecy. Rick, I see no proof that the Conservatives are involved in fraud; but the Conservatives do everything in their power to make it look that way.

      • They don’t have a good sense of optics.

  6. Gandhi ~ Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed

    iPolitics ~ Feb 23 2012:
    The NDP leadership race has been a relatively quiet affair to date with little evidence of dirty tricks. Now, however, candidate Niki Ashton says Tom Mulcair’s campaign has been spreading false rumours she is dropping out of the race in order to attract her Quebec delegates.

  7. OK, this story is officially wrapping up, now that I see the NDP have come out and publicly declared that they will ” fix it “.
    I cannot bear to read anything but these last two words. Somebody else can check and see if she somehow managed to slip in Jack`s name for that nostalgia feeling.