‘Our comprehensive, transparent approach’


A statement issued just now by Rona Ambrose’s office.

The Government has received the report from KPMG and is reviewing it. 

The Government will be providing a comprehensive public update before the House rises.  

We are committed to completing the seven point plan and moving forward with our comprehensive, transparent approach to replacing Canada’s aging CF-18 aircraft.

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‘Our comprehensive, transparent approach’

  1. Oops…she forgot ‘hard-working’

    • She didn’t mention the carbon tax either, for some inexplicable reason.

    • And focused, they aren’t focused anymore.

  2. I guess the report itself wasn’t comprehensive, so it will be ignored.

    • Or at least comprehensible… to Cabinet. Not enough Word Finds and connect-the-dots pages…

  3. “Let me be clear…”

  4. So, which ministers are going to resign for misleading Canadians on the costs of these jets back before the AG’s report? When will government issue an apology to the PBO for not heeding his advice? *crickets*

  5. It would seem the CFC-18 is destined to follow the legacy of the Seak King and become the next Canadian flying antique. I hear the Brits’ are unloading some old Tornado F3’s…..maybe the Liberals can introduce a motion that we buy more surplus hardware from the UK…after all it worked so well the last time around…..

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