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Our current standard of decency would be imperiled


Liberal Michael Savage says he’s fine with an auditor general audit of MP expenses. NDP MPs John Rafferty and Bruce Hyer are of mixed opinion. Conservative Rob Merrifield worries that the auditor general’s scrutiny might incite dysfunction.

“What we don’t want is to have Ottawa, particulaly the House of Commons, becoming more dysfunctional than it is right now,” says Merrifield. “I’m comfortable as long as we have those third-party audits, and we have a committee that oversees all expenditures. As long as that’s being done, Canadians should be very comfortable with that.”


Our current standard of decency would be imperiled

  1. And if we're not, Mr. Merrifield? Then what?

  2. I have sent 3 emails in the last few days stating that all parties should allow the AG to look at the books.

    • It is impossible not to come to the conclusion that they collectively think they have something to hide. I'm guessing adultery.

  3. Can anyone explain to me what the difference is between these expenses being audited by Shiela Fraser versus these "third party audits" that that Alberta MP is talking about? I'm totally confused by that. And why would that MP be ok with the latter and not with the former? I really don't get it. Any light that anyone could shed on this for me would be much appreciated.

    • I'm assuming that if the AG does an audit it becomes public.

    • The "third party audits" currently being done are financial audits. Sheila Fraser proposes to do a performance audit. World of difference.

      MPs are fully aware of the difference between a financial audit and performance audit, but any MP who stands by financial audits as a reason not to let the AG in is hoping we're stupid enough not to know the difference.

  4. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has found that about 12 per cent of public pool inspections it reviewed resulted in immediate closures because of public health concerns. just coincidence

  5. I never get tired of the many excuses politicians trot out as to why they can't tell us how they're spending our money.

    It's only topped by politicians telling Canadians what we should or should not be "comfortable with".

    Thankfully, I think they eventually all learn that Canadians tend to be a bit picky about deciding for ourselves what we're comfortable with. One thing I'm not comfortable with? Taking a politician's word that I should be comfortable with all the things going on that they're not comfortable sharing with me.

    Seriously people, has the "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" argument work a single time for anyone since 1939?

    Oh, and God forbid we should have dysfunction in Ottawa! Whatever would we do then?

  6. I heard it from the MP for Don Valley West, Rob Oliphant, last night that his office will be releasing his expense reports next week. They will be made available online, with slightly more detail than Michelle Simson currently posts. Not a line-by-line release, but not too broad stroke either. Methinks there will soon be an avalanche of MPs scrambling to be the next to 'beat the street' when it comes to their release.

  7. What a joke this country has become. We now have over 3.5 million people working for government across the country. Just sickening! Average salary in government is about 70 thousand yearly and rising. Average salary in the private sector is around 45 thousand yearly and dropping. Over 10% of government employees now make over 100 thousand yearly. In the private sector the number is under 2 %. Nice eh? Look to Greece and Quebec, this is where Canada is headed if we don't stop equalization and get spending and government growth under control. This tax and spend, union, socialist, big government, social engineering that has been destroying this country has got to stop. Yes, it has left Quebec and has been spreading throughout the rest of the country since the 1970”s. Thanks Trudeau.

    Part 1,

    • Citation(s) needed

  8. Part 2,

    The Liberals and Conservatives have spent the last few decades destroying Ontario and Canada's economy, its English speaking history and culture, with high taxes, high salaries, big government, social engineering – expensive forced bilingual and multicultural policies (only outside Quebec of course), unions controlling just about everything, new programs and new departments yearly, the size and growth of government and salaries have been out of control for decades with no end in sight. Lie after lie, spin, propaganda from politicians and all government officials on a daily basis, scandals, corruption, billions of dollars being wasted on all sorts of socialist nonsense, again with no end in sight.

  9. Part 3,

    All governments are heavily in debt, the HST, tax after tax after user fee again with no end in sight – The Conservatives response to any of this, silence as usual? No such thing as a fiscally conservative, common sense party anywhere in this country. What Liberal policies will the Tories repeal, what programs will they eliminate, what taxes will they reduce, what waste will they cut…? No response as usual. Liberal, Tory same old stories, both are destroying Canada. We need a new party ASAP. The entire system needs to be overhauled NOW.