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‘Our deep appreciation for her strength and resolve’


The Assembly of First Nations confirms its support for the joint declaration.

“We have expressed to Chief Spence our deep appreciation for her strength and resolve, and hailed the impact that has had in raising awareness of the need for fundamental and transformative change in the relationship between First Nations and the Crown,” said AFN Regional Chief Roger Augustine, speaking on behalf of the AFN National Executive.

National Chief Shawn Atleo expressed his personal appreciation for Chief Spence’s contribution, adding:  “Our shared goal is simple and clear: to guarantee that our children can achieve the brighter future that they deserve. This is what every Chief across this country, every member of the Assembly of First Nations, will continue to fight to achieve,” said AFN National Chief Shawn Atleo.  “Our mandate is to advance the priorities of First Nations in those areas, and to achieve that justice for our children. We have made real progress in recent weeks. Our journey – the Chiefs, the AFN and mine – will not be over until we have won those guarantees.”


‘Our deep appreciation for her strength and resolve’

  1. Now THAT is nice….

  2. They need to make up their minds whether they want to advance the interests of the ‘first nations’ and the chiefs that run them, or the interests of the indians living on those ‘first nations’.

    • They clearly don’t see the two – the interests of FNs and the welfare of its members as being mutually exclusive as per your assumption.

      • It appears the genuine interests of many of the chiefs is exclusive of the welfare of the disadvantaged on the Reserves.

        • Exclusive is a mighty big word…particularly in your hands.

          • —just trying to show how naive your statement is since it has been shown that one of the major factors for the suffering on the Reserves is the corruption and mismanagement of many chiefs.

            By the way,Native leaders may say they have the best interests of the others on the Reserve, but it would be naive of you to believe that self-serving crap.

          • One of the factors? That’s a come down for you guys isn’t it? I’m pretty sure last week greedy thieving chiefs was the sole contributing factor. I take it back…even shown is too big a word for you.

      • They don’t care much about the welfare of the indians as long as the prestige of the chiefs is enhanced.

        In fact there is a perverse incentive to ensure that numerous poverty stricken indians can be found on a reserve in order to exploit to gain sympathy and bolster funding to the band (ie- to the chief and council).

        The neologism ‘first nation’ was invented in part to obscure any differentiation between indians, bands, and tribes in order to facilitate exactly that distortion.

        • Your off your tree bud. Sure there are greedy corrupt chiefs who don’t give a toss for anyone but themselves – i’ve met one or two. But this kind of generalization is ridiculous. In any case #idlenomore is expressly designed to force chiefs to better represent their people and it’s working…you should be cheering them on, but you’d rather sneer at it all from the peanut gallery.

  3. He doesn’t sound overly enthusiastic, and I don’t blame him. This ridiculous statement will cause far more problems than it will solve.

  4. Leave it to the First Nations to make up ancient sacred traditions on the spot – the latest “walking out ceremony” – can you believe it? The head dresses, costumes, dances, etc. are really becoming too Hollywood -the gullible maybe eating this up and impressed.

    Will Bob Rae and Mulcair be part of this “walking out ceremony” ? I suggest they carry out Chief Spence to her waiting Escalade.

    “For now, the working plan is for a sunrise ceremony early Thursday. Elders from the nearby Algonquin community of Kitigan Zibi have been asked to meet with Ms. Spence in her teepee on Victoria Island, near the Parliament buildings, and engage in a “walking out ceremony” as they leave the tent for the final time, said Kitigan Zibi Chief Gilbert Whiteduck.”

    Once again it is all about the money – Chief Spence was being delivered an ultimatum to-nite by the Attawapiskat band councillors to end this charade or you out on your ear as band chief, and you and your boyfriend are off the payroll, and out $250 thousand dollars tax free.

    Chief Spence didn’t hesitate to see if her 13 point declaration was getting past the trash bin, but begin organizing the “the walking out ceremony” with her choreographers, and we found out it in a hurry it’s all about the money after all.

    APTN National News
    Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence is set to end her fast by Thursday, APTN National News has learned.

    A delegation of band councillors from Attawapiskat is expected to hand-deliver a letter to Spence Wednesday urging her to end her fast or face removal as chief of the community.

    “They are coming in tonight,” said a source close to Spence. “Then it will end.”

    • Do stop with the tatty racism. Surely Canadians are better than this.

  5. Overnight low of -26 degrees Celsius on the Ottawa River last night. It appears the motive for ending the diet was meteorological.

    • Or..as APTN is suggesting…her band was planning to remove her as chief if she didn’t stop the “hunger strike” and come home.

      • Her band will remove her regardless.