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Our long limo-related nightmare is over


A note from the office of International Development Minister Bev Oda.

On Tuesday, Minister Oda apologised unreservedly in the House. All incremental costs, that should not have been expensed, including the car service in London, have been repaid. 

It is not clear when exactly a The repayment related to the minister’s use of a limousine was made today. The opposition pressed the matter yesterday afternoon.

After the original report on Monday of her luxurious stay in London, the minister’s office said that she had repaid the difference in costs for accommodation and the cancellation fee (at a total of $1,353.81). Canadian Press pegs the car service bill at $3,000.

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Our long limo-related nightmare is over

  1. She coulda had a one-day shitstorm instead of a whole week if she had apologized and recompensed everything the first day. Stupid is as stupid does.

    • Yes, but if the opposition and press are talking about Oda and minor sleaze (which is what this is), then they’re not talking about F35, environmental reviews are a number of big-ticket problems.

      • My understanding is the two are closely connected. (Peter was helping Bev with her math in figuring out the repayment costs)

      • I hear ya! Still, while she took the focus off the budget and F35 … there’s just something about $16 OJ that sticks. It’s oda-riferous. Haha, the “oda” lingers a long time.

  2. Conservatives lie, it’s what they do
    They lie to me, they lie to you
    They lie when they say Bev paid back the right amount
    No matter what the facts bear out.

  3. If Peter Mackay in-appropriately buys a few f-35’s, will he be paying it back, out of pocket? promptly? with an apology? or do we have to catch him a year later?

  4. Bev Oda Doing the Right Thing

    but only when cornered like a rat…. with no escape….. and an even bigger rat insisting she do what she’s told….

    Bev Oda Doing the Right Thing

  5. Cash Cab – UK edition.

    Next time, it’s the Rolls Canardly.