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Our new live-in boyfriend


Tabatha Southey reviews the election.

Sometimes it feels as if Stephen Harper is like the guy you date for four years and then, one day, you look up and say, “Good god, I guess that makes him my boyfriend!” There was even a moment during the debates when he brought up the whole four-year thing and the majority and I thought, “Wow, did Stephen Harper just ask us to move in with him?” Well, that’s what Canada did.


Our new live-in boyfriend

    • I hadn't seen that one….thanks muchly!

    • Suspect it's reflects how many Canadian voters were feeling last Tuesday

  1. See, I would have put this part of the article in italics myself:

    "However, the only way irreparable damage will be done here is if many of us dismiss the Tory majority, and the fellow citizens who elected it, as somehow less Canadian, less well-informed and less well-intentioned than ourselves, instead of trying to understand why they voted the way they did."

    • And I this part:

      I'd argue that one of the mistakes in the Liberals' election strategy was to cede the territory of the economy to the Conservatives so easily, instead of fighting Mr. Harper where he lives: in the numbers, on the deficit, on the unemployment figures.

      There is something terribly surreal where a party can laugh in the face of parliament and Canadians by not providing figures for how much jets will cost, and then increase their vote share by claiming to focus on the economy.

      • I think my quotation explains your quotation, and your own paragraph.

        • i think it tries to excuse it.

    • Except what if the way they voted *is* because they're less well-informed?
      I mean, why would people vote for a candidate who's never been in their riding?

  2. Clearly the dumbest article of the year.
    Dont know what the point is either does the erratic author.
    Must be a quiet newsday. Another rerun of the election. YAWN!!

    • Dr Humorless, wanted in Emergency.

  3. Liberals need to stop behaving like long term girlfriends or new wife who think their man has all the basics but needs a lot of work to be acceptable. Libs make it plain that they don't particularly like people, that we have long way to go to reach lofty heights of Libs and their awesomeness.

    Libs also behaving like women with their catty remarks towards one another and others.

    • And posts such as yours make this a little harder to dispute.

  4. Recognizing that it may just be an issue of perspective, I find that I'm dismissed as being less Canadian by Conservatives than the other way around.

    • Cuz you’re a TRAITOR!

  5. yep the video sums of canada for the next 4 years….

  6. …the kind who is constantly lying to you and belittling you because you're not enough like him.

  7. ‘AARON WHERRY’ doesn’t look like just a name.

    It sounds like an old-time TV talk-show intro: ‘And HERE’S the STAR of our show…”AAAAARRON WHEERRRRRRRYYY…..!!’