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Our next Governor General on tech policy failures


David Johnston, who was named as Canada’s next Governor General today, is known as a man who doesn’t rock the boat. As a stolid appointee to many worthy boards and committees (the Information Highway Advisory Council, the Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, etc.), Johnston hasn’t often given divisive advice.

So when this conciliatory man has allowed a critical tone in his public pronouncements, it’s worth listening. And here’s what he told CBC last March for a story about Canada’s “failure” on digital technology policy:

“Most people who study the digital field would say that Canada has lost some of the wind in its sails, and that’s unfortunate… Without being unduly critical of this government, there has not been a lot of attention paid to broadband, to the digital economy and digital media in the last five or six years.”


Our next Governor General on tech policy failures

  1. Well that's the last we'll hear of any ;criticism;, unless he wants to be sent on tour to North Korea.

    • Why? Are you suggesting that Harper has the power to fire the GG? Because he doesn't. It is however, in bad taste for the GG to be criticizing politicians of any party.

      • Well Harper could get rid of a GG if he wanted to, but why bother when he can just order them about, and send them off to murky places.

  2. How is it that the papers could miss all the good stuff and focus on something that is off topic.

    Why? to try and slight someone. I have noticed the negative tone the press has built into its nature and I don't like it. This guy, our Gov't has done a great job.

    Lets for once hear something good from the paper instead of a B line to the negative.

    Our country is bursting with everything one could want, its so easy to get a job. Its easy to collect welfare if you really need it. Its easy to buy a steak, to get a paper, or cell phone or cable in days, sometimes only hrs or minutes. Water is comes out of the tap like water.

    Our country is spilling over with everything we need. And this guy who is just a guy like many have been happy to work and provide calm honest leadership.

    • Dude, you're supposed to pick one of the preprogrammed responses and insert it into the 'conversation', not just cut & paste all of them. If you're not sure how to do this, please speak to your riding executive and he will guide you.

  3. hohum-another white guy in a business suit and tie.


    • What would you want? Some colored guy in rags?

    • Emily, is that you?

      • No, but I agree with the sentiment.

  4. Give this guy a chance. Nancy Greene-Rainier seems to be an obvious choice, but, maybe she doesn't want it. Don't let the choice coming from King Stephen I put you off.

    • Only good thing about him is that he isn't Don Cherry.