‘Our prime minister and his government don’t see it as a priority’


A fund created to help with the funeral costs of veterans has been rejecting two-thirds of applicants and the executive director blames the Harper government.

Jean-Pierre Goyer says they have been petitioning Stephen Harper’s Conservative government to not only overhaul the rules, but to increase the stipend given to those who do qualify for assistance. “Our prime minister and his government don’t see it as a priority and it hasn’t made the list for the last budget,” said Goyer. “We came close last budget, I’m told, and our improvements were taken off the list at almost the last minute. We hope in the next federal budget we can see this through.” “Veterans affairs and their minister, Steven Blaney, they are committed to see this change through. I would tell, and you can quote me on that, the problem is with the government of Canada.”


‘Our prime minister and his government don’t see it as a priority’

  1. Of course it’s not a priority. Medals, bands, fly-pasts, big splashy ceremonies….those are priorities.

    • They love those soldiers who are already dead and buried. They’ll stand right up proudly and vote to protect those sainted dead soldiers. Soldiers who are still kicking around, sucking up resources, and whining about their problems? Well, they are a little bit harder to love.

      • Yup, our monuments are better cared for than our soldiers. Memories are much better than live people…who have a tendency to speak out or demand treatment or compensation.

  2. Veterans affairs and their minister, Steven Blaney, they are committed to see this change through. I would tell, and you can quote me on that, the problem is with the government of Canada.


    Yes, if only the Minister of Veterans Affairs knew someone in the government of Canada that he could talk to about this. A cabinet minister maybe.

    • Right on. I wanted to say something like that, but your contribution is better than mine would have been.

    • Yes. I’ve heard of a concept known as ministerial responsibility; it comes with a limo and extra salary. Maybe that would be a starting point for his quest?

    • You may have misread the quote, possibly due to poor translation.
      I do not think that is a direct quote from Steve Blaney, but rather an awkward phrase that Jean Pierre Goyer attributed to Blaney.
      Whether deliberate or not numerous journalists and bloggers and commenters then repeat the false quote because it suits a certain agenda.

      Now, I wonder why the government does not trust the media concerning accuracy and truth.

      • Now if only the media would more actively mistrust the government concerning same, and do a little investigative journalism, rather than just parroting their sound bites and reporting polling numbers…

        • I’d give you ten thumbs up on that if I could!

        • Sure, mistrust all political Parties, investigate thoroughly, don`t parrot, ignore polls, but most important—be impartial.

      • Sure, let’s give Blaney the benefit of the doubt.
        Now maybe provide an explanation why the Conservatives talk big when it comes to “supporting the troops” and then crap out when it comes to following through.

      • So.. what was the actual quote then?

        • ………don`t know—ask the Canadian Press, ask Aaron Wherry, ask LKO.

          • So in other words, you’re just pulling stuff from your arse.. presumably to make more room for your head.

            Do you have any evidence, at all, that the quote isn’t exactly correct?

          • Hey Thwim—listen to yourself.
            You want me to find out why journalists are doing such a sloppy job of directing supposed quotes to certain Ministers ?
            If you really want to get to the bottom of the story squeeze your arse together and go after the actual people doing the misquoting.

          • No. I want you stop making shit up when you’ve got no evidence, proof, or corroboration about it.

            In other words, I want you stop being a lying waste of skin. Good luck with that.

          • Calm down Thwimmy.

            Unlike you, I do not believe everything I read—who knows, maybe a journalist, or a public sector employee, or a blogger has an agenda that they are pursuing and misdirect quotes.

            I would encourage you to be more discerning about what you find in newspapers.

          • Stop projecting. Just because you lie about anything you don’t like doesn’t mean that others follow suit.

            See, there’s questioning what you read, and then there’s making yourself look like an idiot by proclaiming something to be false without a shred of evidence that it is.

            Bring forward proof that the quote is incorrect and you’ll have something. Until then, you’re a lying waste of skin whose only purpose is to make people *less* informed than they already are. This makes you a blight on society that, had you any sort of moral character, would be ashamed of your actions.

    • It’s an awkward quote for sure, but I take it to mean Blaney’s supportive of the change, but the guys who make the real spending decisions are shooting it down. I bet cabinet ministers have all sorts of things they’d like money for, but (rightly or wrongly) can’t get it by Clement, Flaherty or Harper.

      • That seems plausible.
        But I do want a government that is in charge of my and your money and to not simply say yes to every request for funding from every Dep`t.
        I guess if I wanted that I would want an NDP gov`t.

        • I didn’t say it was a good decision or a bad decision. It was a decision. People can like it or not like it.

  3. So the hypocritical Cons are the ones who hate the troops, after all.

  4. “The Government of Canada” is you, Mr. Goyer. I seriously hope you didn’t practice that speech in a mirror.

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