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‘Our time has come’


Courtesy of an amateur videographer, Thomas Mulcair’s speech to the Ontario NDP convention this weekend.

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‘Our time has come’

  1. Amateur videographer did better job than professionals Libs have on their staff.

    Ottawa Citizen ~ Dec 2008:

    Just as his request for retakes in a television interview damaged Stéphane Dion in the last election campaign, his tinkering with the script of his televised address to the nation last week could cost him the leadership of the Liberal-NDP coalition.

    The botched videotaped statement that aired Wednesday night is bringing to the surface angry divisions between Mr. Dion’s inner circle of advisers and party staff on Parliament Hill, who say they feel they’ve been made into scapegoats.

    They are upset that Mr. Dion’s office has fingered Liberal videographer Mick Gzowski for blame. Mr. Gzowski is the son of the late CBC radio icon, Peter Gzowski. His wife has worked as a language coach for Mr. Dion.

  2. Had the urge to hear the Entrance of the Gods into Valhalla, from Wagner’s Das Rheingold this morning; found it on YouTube, pressed the button and got an NPD ad featuring Mulcair. I would imagine there is randomness to the ad placement!