‘Our voting system is weakening Canada’s cohesion’


Stephane Dion’s speech on electoral reform to the Green party convention this past weekend.

The text is here. Mr. Dion previously explained his idea here.


‘Our voting system is weakening Canada’s cohesion’

  1. I’ve always like Dion. Politics aside, he’s an incredibly smart fellow. His ability to engage, and learn, about a topic is exceptional. One can disagree with his stance on the environment and his proposals thereof, but the man came into the department far from an expert in the area, and left as someone who knew the subject top to bottom. Similarly, his knowledge of democratic reform, and how it’s worked in other countries is quite impressive. While I know I’m one of the few that would have loved to see him as PM, his dedication to the subjects he’s involved with, and his commitment to the country, should be applauded. Not many would have stuck around after being run through the gauntlet like he was in 2008.

    • You’re not alone – I would have loved to see him as PM.

    • Agree about Dion. Unfortunately for him, not withstanding his own limitations, it’s always seemed to me he suffered in the same way that Manning did from unfair public perceptions, mostly propagated by the media for its own obscure reasons ; call it herd or pack mentality or something worse – who knows; unlike Day for instance, who was largely a self made fool IMO .Public taste for a little permissable distain or cruel mockery no doubt plays a part. It’s a sad loss for the country IMO.

  2. How can anybody not love this guy?

    I am not 100% sure if I agree with everything M. Dion has to say on this particular topic but one cannot deny that he has thoroughly studied the issue and put together an in depth analysis and proposed something that is at the very least interesting and substantive.

    Harper was at his most vile in the attacks he launched against M. Dion – especially his smirking reply about “I don’t know if M. Dion has a family …” – sady for Canadians the Liberals were divided and arrogant enough that his attacks found resonance within their ranks as different groups wanted to get their guy to take over as soon as could be arranged.

    • True. Liberals didn’t exactly show loyalty toward Dion themselves, did they? This tendency toward factionalism has to be amongst the least attractive features of the LPC.

  3. Interesting speech. A powerpoint with graphics/charts would have been helpful. I looked at his written proposal for this and it lacks graphics. It would be useful for this to be promoted to Canadians sooner than later.

  4. His proposal is essentially the system I arrived at as the best compromise. I would rather rank candidates irrespective of party, which would allow independents. Also, it would allow the voter to vote for a candidate from a party you don’t normally support without worrying about your support being syphoned off to a different candidate.

  5. Stephane Dion is intelligent, good and a sincere speaker. He for sure was excited about the subject and he made his point, he got the whole audience attention. When a man like Dion says we need a change in our voting system.. we better believe it is time.

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