Our woman in Denver


If you come straight to Inkless instead of going to Maclean’s Blog Central, we’re grateful for your loyalty but I must say that among other things this week, you’re missing the blogging, vlogging, liveblogging and other contributions from our Luiza Ch. Savage, as Savage Washington spends the week at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Mile-high fun for wonks of all ages!


Our woman in Denver

  1. You know what would be awesome? If something truly unscripted happened at an American political convention. As it is, it’s just as self-congratulatory and antiseptic as the Oscars, except it lasts four days and you already know who’s going to win.

  2. We can all dream.

  3. I remember George Will writing in 1996 that when a national political party spends millions of dollars and rehearses to the bone to prepare a big show about how they see America, whatever they have to say is news. I don’t think it’s naïve to believe there’s something to that. It’s canned, absolutely. But *what did they can?*

  4. Wow, four days of canned pre-packaged nothingness. Whoop. Pee. At least the Chinese kept their packaged superficial pre-packaged nothingness “shows” down to a few hours at opening and closing.

  5. Just a belated comment on Savage’s article in Maclean’s Sept. 1 issue–The shockingly liberal legacy of George W. Bush. I quote–“It is no accident that when the planes attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Bush was surrounded by second graders in a Florida classroom reading The Pet Goat.”

    The auther doesnt’ realize how close to the truth that commentary is. We who believe in a 9/11 conspiracy involving the White House feel certain that Bush was personally involved and that he was making a sure he had an iron clad alibi for his whereabouts at the time. When he was told of the attack by a secret service agent at the time he simply continued reading to the class as if nothing had happened. We are certain he was aware of what was going to happen well in advance.

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