Outstanding balance


Glen McGregor wonders if the Conservatives will refund the $187,298 they were reimbursed as a result of the In-and-Out scheme.

Elections Canada says none of the 17 have returned their reimbursements.  Asked if it will take steps to recover the money,  Elections Canada spokesperson Diane Benson said, “We would follow the normal administrative process for the recovery of any debt owed to the Crown.”

Conservative Party spokesman Fred DeLorey responded in an email,  ”The question of reimbursements will be dealt with in the ongoing civil proceedings.” By that, he means the case the Tories brought against Elections Canada, which will be heard in the Supreme Court of Canada.


Outstanding balance

  1. The Conservatives don’t care that much if they win the suit. This law suit is the equivalent of a SLAPP suit to advertise that anyone who tries to criticize their behaviour, or enforce the rule of law, will be attacked and have to fight to the last ruling. In the end they will claim they are being persecuted by liberal judges etc. and it will cause at least some enforcement agencies to back off.

    For instance the RCMP seems to have decided on its own that Canada doesn’t need to enforce its Access to Information laws:


  2. Glen McGregor forgets that the Conservatives are the victims here.  Because of something the Liberals did, most likely.  Dirty Liberals.

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