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Go vote.

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Over to you

  1. Okay, but I'm voting for someone you don't like.

    • +1

    • That's ok, my and a few of my friend's votes will compensate. :-)

      • I always knew left wing voters were marked with the number of the beast.

        • Your knowledge is likely without rival.

        • Left, Right, it's all so binary. If only there was a party that combined the social elements of the left with the economic elements of the right.

          And then, just so that we had the spectrum completely covered, maybe someone could also create another party that combined the economic elements of the left and the social elements of the right. This party could provide comedy relief during stressful campaigns.

          • I think we used to have a party that combined the economic elements of the left and the social elements of the right, called it Social Credit, and they did provide some pretty good comic relief, like when QC's federal version voted against Joe Clark's budget in '79 on René Lévesque's advice, only to precipitate Pierre Trudeau's return and leadership against Lévesque in the subsequent referendum and constitutional struggles. priceless.

          • Ah yes, that makes sense. I suppose the Christian Heritage Party would possibly fill the requirements I outlined above.

          • Nah, the Christian Heritage Party is pretty much a Far Right party. Their economic platform involves eliminating all income taxes and introducing a "Fair Tax", which is basically a sales tax with a rebate for the really poor.

            A Social Credit party that wanted to actually try and implement C. H. Douglas' Social Credit theory would come sort of close (in practice most Social Credit parties in Canada usually evolved into populist right-wing parties like the one under Earnest Manning), but Social Credit theory isn't easy to classify as right or left wing either. It's one of those odd economic theories, like Georgism, that have elements of both.

            No, what you're really looking for is a Christian Democrat or Christian Socialist party that espouses Liberation Theology and/or the Social Gospel. Basically you're looking for a Communitarian party, and honestly I think such a party could do pretty well among both religious folk (Catholics and poor evangelical protestants especially) and immigrants from more collectivist cultures like those in Asia with a Confucian cultural heritage.

            Now that I think about it, the old Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) under J.S. Woodsworth and Tommy Douglas would be a prime example of this kind of party.

          • I have a hard time classifying it honestly. It's egalitarian in nature, which pushes it towards the left, but also very decentralizing, which pushes it more to the right. It's a lot like social credit in that way.

            Honestly if I had to place Distributism and Social Credit somewhere, it would be on the left strictly because they involve a radical reform of the existing market economy and are based on fairly egalitarian principles, but they are much less statist than most socialist theories, and if your concept of right vs left is freedom vs state intervention rather than hierarchy/merit vs equality, then these could conceivably be on the right.

            I guess that's a long way of saying I'm not sure.

            As a system I find it an intriguing idea, but I don't know how well it would work in practice.

          • "If only there was a party that combined the social elements of the left with the economic elements of the right."

            Libertarian Party

          • Generally blending religious values with left wing economics is called "The Social Gospel" , "Liberation Theology", "Christian Marxism" etc.

            You can find an example of people who hold these types of views here:

        • You must be having a bad (election) day to say something like this.
          And anyway those you call left wing voters would resent being marked, as you suggest, by Harper's number.

        • Guys, he has the number 666 as his username.

          It was a joke. Sheesh.

    • you're voting for Toby? dang, why? that guy's so lame!

    • how can you possibly know who Aaron likes – he is an impartial reporter. lol

      I am also voting for someone Aaron doesn't like (my wife will vote as well) :)


  2. And soon we'll have Wells' preview of his next book to enjoy. (not sarcasm).

  3. 'Go vote,' he says. Just like a liberal MSM hack… always trying to tell people what to do. Well, sir, I AM going to vote, but not because YOU told me to.

    • yeah, why should we vote? because we think GOVERNMENT can solve all of our problems? no sir! I don't believe GOVERNMENT can solve any problems, and voting just ENCOURAGES them.

    • Thank you- that hadtobesaid.

      WHEERY wants me to vote because it would split the right-centre vote and then make sure a LEFTARD candidate wins inspite of the LARGE RIGHT VOTE which then WOULD SPLIT the LEFTIES HAHAHAHHAHAHA CAN"T WAIT to see the LIEBERAL leftard WHEEEERY explode WHEN the RIGHT VOTE does NOT SPLIT the left vote in the left vote splitting RIDINGS! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

  4. Everybody please do not vote so that my vote counts more.

    • I promise not to vote in your riding. Is that good enough?

      • Now I am going to vote twice in your riding.

        • I voted early so that I could vote often, but Elections Canada is infringing my rights.

          • You should make a Freedom of Speech argument to the Supreme court.

          • We don't have Freedom of Speech, we have Freedom of Expression!

          • We don’t have Freedom of Speech, we have Freedom of Expression!

            I challenge you to a semantic argument. I expect it to go on for at least 35 posts.

            No I don’t, actually. I’m going to turn on Sun News shortly to watch their oddly erotic version of the election pregame. :)

          • They want to make a good impression after the week they’ve had, so I’m sure they’ll roll up their sleeves and get to it.

        • Can you come and vote for me in my riding, its raining and I have to walk a whole five minutes to get to the polling station.

  5. you're voting for Rory? dang, why? that guy's even lamer!

  6. I'll chip in with a thanks, too. The coverage here has been pretty good and my primary source for more careful news coverage rather than the hyperventilating you see at other news outlets. Thanks particularly to Wherry as he's done the heavy lifting on the blog while Wells and Coyne were busy writing their opinion pieces and/or campaign epics.

    H/t to Patriquin. I enjoyed his appearances on CBC.

  7. ……..hmmmmm—now who should I vote for ?

    • or, "for whom should I now vote" to provide editorial balance for readers on the other side of the ideological spectrum WRT the ending of sentences with prepositions.


      • I know, I know —grammar is my friend, but the more time I spend on these internet gadgets, the faster I fall into the tweet pit full of LOL`s.
        If only I could vote for a Party with a university professor for a leader, it might inspire me to improve—–double wink back at ya.

        • and there are at least two such parties!

    • The best candidate in your riding. The one who best represents you — not just the party line.
      Ideally, this candidate is not an incumbent.

      • Hey Thwim, I`ve noticed for some time you have been calling for no incumbents.

        Now, I I understand where you are coming from with this concept, but it`s probably not realistic, so if you could have your no incumbent thing work for a limited number of candidates, who would you choose to lose—keeping in mind that you would like to rid parliament of those who are just a pain in the a$4.

        For the Liberals I would choose Easter, and Jennings, and Holland and Dhalla and Bennett and Coderre and Hedy Fry……….oh that`s enough, I guess
        For the NDP, How about Martin and Libby Davies and Mulcair and Dewar and of course, Layton and Chow.
        All of the Bloc
        Conservatives—you might be more qualified to fill in here.

        • I'll pick my hoped losers for each of the 3 main parties.

          NDP – Pat Martin
          Liberals – Too many to choose. Blue's list looks like mine, and add Goodale, McCallum, and Pablo Rodriguez. I'll say who I hope wins for the LPC instead. Glen Pearson.
          Conservatives – Clement, Paradis, and Oda.

    • Marxist Leninist

    • A write-in of "Stephen Harper for Prime Minister" is the only way to stop an unstable socialist coalition.

    • Kang, obviously. Only losers vote for Kodos.

  8. mind? blown.

  9. The results start being published at 10pm EST? I can't wait that long!

  10. Even if voted early, and often, it would not make much of difference in getting my guy elected but so what.

    I love elections, it is cleansing for democracy. And I am always thankful that I get to vote in peace, that there are no tanks/soldiers looming over us and candidates receive 98% of vote. Most of us forget it but we are extremely fortunate to live in Canada, a peaceful democracy where you are mostly left alone to live life.

  11. Oh, someone called me, they moved your polling station. Drive eight miles out of town to the old abandoned factory. There you'll be told by the locals that a ghost has been haunting it ever since they announced plans to run the new freeway through town. Bring three other people and a dog.

  12. It looks like you didn’t get my joke/implication, but it’s ok. Let’s move on.

    (BTW, There is a reason for the number in my username.)