William Kuebler, Omar Khadr’s on-again-off-again lawyer, is back. For now.

In a surprise move, a military judge Tuesday overruled the Pentagon in its firing of Omar Khadr’s military lawyer, saying only he has the authority to dismiss the defence attorney, Canwest News has learned.

The decision by Judge Patrick Parrish, an army colonel, effectively re-instates navy Lt.-Cmdr. Bill Keubler as chief counsel for the Canadian terror suspect just days after the attorney’s immediate boss fired him.



  1. Could there be any more plot twists? This will all make a great movie someday.

    • Canadian lawyer Dennis Edney, who with Mr. Whitling has acted tirelessly for Mr. Khadr for six years, downplayed the significance of Lt.-Cmdr. Kuebler’s firing.

      “I believe that a decision was made in the best interests of Omar Khadr,” Mr. Edney said.

      “Nothing changes. Omar is well represented.”

      The next defence strategy meeting ought to be a little chilly.

      • Good point. I also wonder about the job security of Kuebler’s immediate boss, if he was behind the firing. If he wasn’t, the question becomes who was, and why?

    • Maybe the plot for a JAG reunion movie. Harmon Rab Jr. as Keubler.

      • Nah, we can start a whole new super-hero franchise! You know, the committed lawyer (Harmon Rab jr) takes on his boss (Jack Nicholson) and wins the rule of law for his client, then for the next movie, he can go to some other country and get a guy living in our Embassy back home.

  2. has anyone else out there seen Abbot and Costello in the Army? next thing you know a fire-truck will go by with the mouthpiece hanging from one of the ladders!

  3. Fire the judge, then! And if that doesn’t work, fire the reporters who write about this stuff.

    It would all go away if everyone would just let the US military hide its torture, investigative incomeptence and mailicious prosecution of a child soldier who probably didn’t even do what they alledge he did.

    Fire the commenters too, and anyone who asks questions or thinks. It’s dangerous.

    • lol!

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