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Oz the Great And Terrible Speaks…hey, who’s that little guy behind the curtain?


From the Inkless emailbox.

OTTAWA The House of Commons has formally endorsed the Speech from the Throne, signifying an expression of confidence in the Government.

Government House Leader Jay Hill moved a motion today formally requesting that the House communicate with Her Excellency Governor General Michaelle Jean, accepting the Speech from the Throne.

The text of the motion is as follows:

“That the Address be engrossed and presented to Her Excellency the Governor General by the Speaker.”

The Speech from the Throne was passed by a vote in the House of Commons on Thursday, November 27th immediately after the Finance Minister presented his Economic and Fiscal Update.

“Acceptance by the House of Commons of a Speech from the Throne is an expression of confidence in the government,” said Minister Hill. “I am pleased that the House endorsed our government’s general program, particularly with full knowledge of the content of the Economic and Fiscal update. Yesterday’s vote and today’s motion to communicate with the Governor General accepting her Speech are critical demonstrations of Parliament’s affirmation of our newly re-elected government.”


Oz the Great And Terrible Speaks…hey, who’s that little guy behind the curtain?

  1. “Ottawa–The federal government has instructed visa officers reviewing applications of would-be immigrants to Canada to fast-track applicants with skills to fill 38 high-demand occupations, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said Friday.”

    Minister Kenney didn’t realize, as he made the announcement, that his own and 37 other high-demand jobs could need filling within 48 hours, with skilled applicants being fast-tracked from two-swords’ lengths away.

  2. Oh, if they think this spin will work, they have another thing coming.

  3. Hoooooo boy, are they ever getting scared. Mr. Harper, there’s a flock of chickens waiting to see you in the lobby. They claim to have come home to roost.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAhAHAhAHAHAhAhAhHAHAHa. The PMO is imploding. These guys are in the fight of their lives.

  5. Things to be heard in the corridors outside the PMO today!
    Wait – I hear something!
    Oh no – not again – it is the echo of my own voice congratulating me for being so dogmatic and faithful to the ideology!
    I’m in a tight loop and about to disappear into the CPC thinking orifice!

  6. The excitement of this is killing me and I really want to see how it plays out – and yet, part of me feels like if the Libs and NDP are serious about forming a coalition (and that alone truly amazes me), they should have waited a few more weeks to build their case against the government.

  7. “they should have waited a few more weeks to build their case against the government.”

    the longer they wait, the stronger the case for another election.
    If the gov’t falls within its first (Parliamentary) weeks of life – it will be legit to ask the for others to form the gov’t rather than another election.

  8. I am pleased that the House endorsed our government’s general program, particularly with full knowledge of the content of the Economic and Fiscal update.

    HaHaHaHaHa Jay you are in dreamland. Wait til the vote on the FU.

  9. I would suspect one of Madame Jean’s questions to the putative Not A Leader of the Governmen is,

    MJ: well how come you couldnt do this 6 weeks ago and it was formally rejected by both sides…what is different?

    SD: Well the government isnt stimulating and there is a crisis

    MJ: Hmmm, but they have said that they might in 7 weeks….how long wil it take you to do the same….

    SD We could have a budget out in 4 weeks

    MJ: The end of December, you mean Christmas?

    SD: Ulm…well no we could take an extra week fo 5 weeks

    MJ: So we are talking 2 weeks and thats why we should overturn an election with an appointment rather than an election? And then you are going to resign 4 months after that?

    SD Yes

    MJ Will the crisis be over by then?


    And we will have a PM put in place by without any say from the people, from a party the people didnt put anywhere near power for the length of term that your agreement with NDP holds and that maybe the BQ will stick to, maybe 18 months…and we dont know who that will be, other than it wont be you

    Ulm Yes. but…sorry could we start this again.

    Sorry, all partisanship aside…..isnt this kind of……well insane?

  10. stephen, it hasn’t worked that way since the 19th C. All the opposition needs to do is show up, all 3 together or Dion-Layton with a piece of paper from Duceppe, and say “We want the ball.” Jean then has to give them the ball. They don’t need to explain themselves to the Crown, they just need to have a majority. They’ll then have to explain themselves to the people at some point, but for the moment it doesn’t matter if their mission is to ban soft ice cream or stimulate the economy or burn down Rideau Hall — the GG has to allow the House to choose its own leaders.

  11. The CPC have demonstrated that they don’t intend to cooperate with the opposition. Even aside from the Fiscal Update, the opposition is more likely to pass agreeable legislation working together. Being bullied into voting in favour of bad legislation in a series of showdowns with the government worked rather poorly for the Liberals last time. Why should they let the CPC do it to them again?

  12. On December 8th Harper will present a NEW fiscal update including the missing stimulus package, he’ll claim he is releasing highlights of his (Flaherty’s) Feb budget early to appease the children and he will add back in the elimination of political funding.

    Now what the heck will the opposition do if this is what Harper does? If they vote against they’ll be accused of bringing down Harper over political party funding.

    We all know Harper is backpeddling but voters will completely forget this until the next dirty tricks play out.

    Harper is trying to destroy the Liberal party and it is disgraceful. Flannigan has clearly stated that this is the Con goal. Harper doesn’t give a darn about Canada, Canadians.

  13. stephen: It may well be insane.

    However the insanity can be blamed on Stephen Harper. He put a knife to the financial throat of the opposition parties in a parliament where he doesn’t have the seats to back it up. That doesn’t seem like a sane course of action.

    The results, however, are entirely predictable.

  14. That scares me, ML, because you’re probably right. What would it take to get through to the man that this isn’t a schoolyard where playing chicken is the preferred pastime? He is there to run a government, and he is in a minority situation. I’m fine with that, even though I didn’t cast my vote his way. And its fine to say Canadians can’t vote in a minority government, they only get one vote and 100% of it has to go to one party or another, except that Canada as a whole really doesn’t have complete confidence in any of our political parties at the moment, and our last three elections have returned a minority government to reflect that sad state of affairs. At the rate they are all going, this will go on for years, so it behooves all the leaders of the political parties to understand how to govern in a minority situation. Truly, I think the minority went Harper’s way at the last election because the people felt he was most likely to have learned from the last session that he needed to be cooperative. And even when faced with the very real prospect of losing his position (and his home!) its just so easy to imagine he has to try this chicken game one more time.

  15. Stephen Harper had the option of putting together a real package that helped Canadians rather than this piece of political opportunism. He blew it.

    Some are hung up on whether a majority of MPs can chose some else to run the country and appoint a PM. Of course they can. Why can’t the majority of MPs throw out the minority Government and form their own? All they need is the numbers and the will to do so.

    Or Steve Harper can back down, eat crow and offer up a real package that helps Canadians thru the winter rather than doing nothing ’til next spring. Either way this plays out it looks like Dear Leader had a bad day and Canada had a better day.

  16. Paul: No one picked up on Ed Broadbent’s interview with Bob Fife. Part of the reason he cites for negotiating a coalition was the negative response of the business community to the lack of stimulus. No one else thinks this odd? Moreover, I like the idea of killing the subsidies to parties. But my oh my, that would put a whole swath of the political class out of work…not to mention subsidiaries fo pollsters and consultants. Outrage, indeed.

  17. Thor – Negative response from the Business Community??? TSE up 13% this week.

    As a 73 yr old Granny this shows me that Harper`s plan IS working.

    By the way, my Mutual Funds are my only Pension.

    Please stop these fools from overturning our elected Government. Please.

  18. They’re elected by the consent of a majority of the House; they don’t have that now, and the House can pick whoever they want to lead. That’s how parliamentary government works.