Pack your bags, Liberal leadership hopefuls - You're going to Vancouver! -

Pack your bags, Liberal leadership hopefuls – You’re going to Vancouver!

Hot off the Liberal media wire:
Date: November 8, 2008
For release: Immediate

Liberal Party President Doug Ferguson Announces Location and Terms of the next Leadership Convention

OTTAWA – Liberal Party President Doug Ferguson today announced that the National Executive has chosen Vancouver as the site of the next Liberal Leadership Convention. The Convention will be held at the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre from April 30, 2009 to May 3, 2009.

“After careful review of all viable options, I am proud to announce that Liberal delegates will choose the next Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada in beautiful British Columbia,” said Mr. Ferguson.

Mr. Ferguson also commented on the importance of highlighting the national scope of the Liberal Party of Canada. This decision, it is hoped, will energize our grassroots in a region of the country which has never hosted a Liberal Leadership Convention.

In addition to the date and location of the Convention, the National Executive has set the entry fee for Leadership candidates at $90,000 and the spending limit at $1.5 million. A levy of 10% will also be imposed on directed donations. As an added measure, a rebate option will be available to candidates according to their ability to raise funds for the Victory Fund, a grassroots fundraising initiative of the Liberal Party of Canada.

“The decisions made today were made in the best interest of the Liberal Party of Canada,” said Mr. Ferguson. “Though our work continues this weekend, I take pride in our Executive’s ability to arrive at these crucial decisions quickly and respectfully. I look forward to the same spirit of cooperation in what promises to be an historic and exciting Leadership race.”


Pack your bags, Liberal leadership hopefuls – You’re going to Vancouver!

  1. So, coincidentally, I’m working in the building across the street from the Vancouver Convention Centre. I’ve seen the building been worked on lately by tons and tons of landscapists, as they have a “green” roof which grows all different sorts of grass on it. It’s massive! The roof itself must have a square foot area at least on par with GM Place and other massive structures. The curtainwall in it is spectacular, and you actually get a better view of it from Stanley Park than from Burrard and Waterfront.

    The other day I asked my co-worker, “So just who the hell is going to rent space here? Just what or who does a Convention Centre this massive attract?”

    I guess I have the answer to my silly question.

  2. Well, at least it’s not $90,000 US

  3. “Things fall apart; the center cannot hold.” And the Liberals cannot hold the center. There will be no “Second Coming” of Trudeau.

    With no money, no leader, and no ideas, they are “The Hollow Party.”

    “This is the way the Liberals end
    Not with a bang, but a whimper.”

  4. I’m not ready to write off the Liberals just yet. If they can drop the environmentalist nonsense, dovetail into a centrist party that focuses on the economy and socially liberal values again, they could grab a few voters that fled to the right. It would require a massive overhaul, of course, but it might be doable. First they need to pull a leader out of thin air, and as of yet I don’t think Harry Potter is quite available to make that happen for them.

  5. Good call!
    Jim Karygiannis – eat your shorts!

  6. The 10% thing… does that mean that for every $100 a candidate raises for their leadership, $10 has to go directly to the party? As in a tax?

    Secondly, what does the Victory Fund have to do with their nomination fee? If they raise enough money for the Victory Fund, will their nomination fee be reimbursed?

  7. “I’m not ready to write off the Liberals just yet.”

    Nor is Harper, which is good, because ignoring your opposition allows for complacency and entitlement. And the two breed incompetence. Just ask the Liberals. Who among them just five years ago could have predicted their current state of affairs? Broke, bereft of ideas, support, and leadership.

    Canada needs an effective opposition to keep the government accountable, no matter who’s in charge.

    Good luck predicting when the Liberals feel they can fulfill that duty.

  8. Why do the (mostly men) who love to savage the Liberal party display a sadistic glee by writing rude comments about a great Canadian party? I am a proud Liberal (and I am awaiting the ensuring insults ie – keep drinking the kool-aid) but I don’t think that I could ever act like a thug on these comment boards and just try to smear decent fellow Canadians who just happen to have a different take on politics. I think that the time has come for people to stop being small and petty minded and to return to civility after the brutish campaign that left my 8 year old daughter saying to me unprompted after seeing a Conservative ad – “Mommy, I don’t ever want to to run against Stephen Harper for Prime Minister because he will make an ad with your picture saying “Bridget Girard is not a leader”. If an eight year old can pick up on this miserable tone coming from our ruling party – what does that say. Let’s be civil and respectful.

  9. Oops – I noticed that I made a couple of typos – “ensuing insults”, “Mommy, I don’t ever want you to run ”
    . . .
    And I am sorry – I don’t necessarily mean the comments from this blog alone, but all of the comments that I have read in the last few years after blogs and articles about the election. The ones above are rather mild.

  10. Bridget, I agree. The tone of the past 3 years, reaching the crescendo during this past writ period, has been troubling. This sort of discourse encourages factious behaviour and certainly is not what we need during times of universal challenge.

  11. Bridget – Sorry that your child was so upset with the not a leader attack ads. I mean come on were they really that scary? Doubtful, it is just not a plausible statement.
    Makes one wonder what your daughter might have said during the last election two years ago, if she had seen the Liberals truly vicious and pathetic TV attack ad. “Soldiers in our Streets, In our cities, in our Canada”, To add to the terror, it was shot in a very ominous and deathly black and white. Would you have informed your daughter of the necessity of Paul Martin doing such a thing to rid the universe of the evil warmongering Stephen Harper, or would you have covered her eyes. Or did you just put the blinders on yourself?

  12. Don’t worry Bridget, the smugness and ugly grins that the likes of the haters out there currently wear will become a suit of shame in days soon. This ‘bereft of ideas’ crap obviously can’t be someone from the Harper ‘anti-idea’ team, can it? How soon before they start supporting some form of cap-n-trade/pollution tax because Obama embraces it, will it be as smoothly a flip-flop as their income trust sellout? Can’t be in the light-speed of their accountability and ethics shell game. Or is it just the CONs don’t trust Canadians to understand their ideas, like nuclear power plants next to First Nations reserves and fish-breeding creeks?
    While there’s much work for us to get our house in order, the harper-bole musings of people who wear their hatred like a tinfoil hat makes our work all the more fun.

  13. Hello Janice,

    I did not mean to imply that the ad was scary – just that if that tone had been used in any other forum – a job, a school, a family – that it would be unacceptable and deemed bullying. The soldiers on the streets ad was definitely not a high point of the LPC – that is for sure! That series of ads took statements by Stephen Harper bluntly to counter the “Mr. Dithers” attacks on the other side. I definitely did not like those ads – but the campaign of the 2006 election by the Libs pales in comparason to the last 18 months where a very decent man, Mr. Dion, was used as a Pinata by the Conservative Party. The ads borrowed from Howard with the dice, the sratch and lose tickets, all of these were not based upon the fundamentals of the candidate, whereas those infortunate drumbeat ads were based on the ideology of Mr. Harper (although I think that he has changed his mind on many of the aspects that were highlighted in those ads).

    I just wanted to share a personal family experience involving the election that resonated with me. I am sorry that you got so upset about it.

  14. Eight year olds are pretty sharp, eh? My son is also 8 and he noticed the attack ads like your daughter Bridget. “Everyone hates Stephane Dion”.

  15. Interesting that the party stewards are working to avoid financial losses. If a tithe on all that fundraising can go to the party itself then why not?

  16. truemuse
    Evidently so does the Liberal Party itself, considering how quickly Dion has been jettisoned and the choosing of a new leader already getting underway. Dion was only the Liberal leader for such a brief time and his party has thrown him overboard. He really should remain as leader for another election, explain his Green Shift plan to the electorate and tackle Harper in another showdown. Ever been to Papilloma?

  17. I wonder who David Orchard and his cult are going to back in this leadership race this go-round. He helped push Dion over the top last time, to the clear detriment of the Liberal Party.

  18. Bridget,

    Be grateful that your daughter is only 8, otherwise she might have asked you in 2006 about the ad with the terrified pregnant teen, (black and white, Wagnerian music, etc.) sitting waiting in a back alley abortion chop shop. That would have been fun to explain, no? Even more fun, you might have had to explain that just because the Liberals ended all their attack ads with the Canadian flag disintegrating, didn’t mean that if the Conservatives won, the Country would be instantly destroyed.

  19. Bridget from Durham
    Nov 8, 2008 20:35

    Since the Ottawa bunker opened I have noticed an uptic in “theme” type postings . Some push Rae as a Castro type or push steves manlyness vs Dions lack of ( if you ever met Dion he has the look of a very fit basketball player) . Same posters push agendas on all his policy goals i.e. useless AECL to be sold off at fire sale values .

    Tie into this blogging , his press releases , advertizing campaigns ( a lot paid by fed. gov.) and only pre planned press shows . All the above adds up to a tooth paste sales push not politics of open honest debate of the issues where the best group shines through .

    Add to this steve’s 1985 mind set and instead of whats good for Canada we have if it’s good for the Canada Council of CEOs it m,ust be good for the country .

    I am not a harper hater merely a reform alliance baiter of the 2,000 person PMO , Ottawa bunker and after his ” True north strong & free -A re-elected Conservative Government led by Stephen Harper will continue to reform appointments to federal agencies, boards, commissions and Crown corporations.”( another 2,000 steve devotees .

  20. Peter
    Nov 9, 2008 5:42 : You know as well as I do that the cretein / Martin camps had back room boys that could sling mud on par with flanagin or steve .

    You put out some examples from the last 21/2 years of liberal grass roots control and I will flood your desk top with ” saved to favourites file ” hundreds of steve’s latest Linda Keens type solgans .

  21. Jarrid
    Nov 8, 2008 23:09
    I wonder who David Orchard and his cult are going to back in this leadership race this go-round. He helped push Dion over the top last time, to the clear detriment of the Liberal Party.

    No chance this last 21/2 years did some good for the party ? Liberal leader taking off the cuff questions endlessly , talking individually with all comers , recieving input from municipal gov.s across the country and building a platform on consenus of riding assoc. .

    This money thing – did you see the Cornfield movie that if you build a baseball field ” they will come ” ?

  22. Kady : In cities across Canada, Health Coalitions released a groundbreaking new report investigating 130 for-profit surgical,
    MRI/CT and “boutique” physician clinics across Canada. Researchers found evidence to suspect 89 possible violations in 5 provinces of the Canada Health Act’s requirement for equal access to hospital and physician care and prohibition on extra-billing patients. The report reveals a new phenomenon of a for-profit health industry that has emerged significantly over the last five years, and the first forays of U.S. private health companies into Canada.

    Would you be able to publish a link to the annual report on Canada Health Act violations that the Health Minister is supposed to present to Parliament ? Maybe we can stir new liberal leader or atm jack into action ?

  23. Quick clarification: Soldiers in our streets never actually ran on TV, so that’s just spin Janice.

    Side note, most of the “anti-conservative” adverts people are talking about are against the party and not specifically against one person as the 2 year campaign of Mr. Harper against Mr. Dion was. This was probably the difference that the children of both Bridget and truemuse saw. Personally, I think that’s a key difference, and I was sad to see the Liberals head that way this year. It’s another step toward reducing our country to the politics of personality rather than politics of policy. In essence taking our politics back to the level of 8 year olds rather than grown-ups. All that remains is for the Liberals to select their new leader and Mr. Harper to put out adverts referring to them as a “booger-head” and things will be complete.

    So thanks Mr. Harper, and thanks Liberal strategists.

    On topic: The costs to run for leadership do little to suggest that the Liberals have figured out this grass-roots thing just yet, if you ask me.

  24. that all translates to “we’re going to try to unveil a palatable candidate in a place where we might have a chance of winning a seat next time”