Pamela Wallin quits the Conservative caucus -

Pamela Wallin quits the Conservative caucus

Another senator departs the government caucus


A statement from Senator Pamela Wallin.

I have been involved in the external audit process since December 2012 and I have been cooperating fully and willingly with the auditors. I have met with the auditors, answered all the questions and provided all requested documentation.

I had anticipated that the audit process would be complete by now, but given that it continues, I have decided to recuse myself from the Conservative Caucus and I will have no further comment until the audit process is complete.

And a succinct statement from Conservative Senate leader Marjory LeBreton.

“Senator Wallin has informed me that she has resigned from Caucus to sit as an independent.”

CTV reported in February that Ms. Wallin had paid back some amount of expenses, but Ms. Wallin declined to confirm that.


Pamela Wallin quits the Conservative caucus

  1. Continue to next step – resign!

  2. Already cashed her Nigel-cheque and is out of caucus. On Power and Politics, both Conservative MPs scheduled for interviews were contacted and told to leave before saying anything on air. I see Ms Wallin waited for the end of the day Friday before a long weekend to make her announcement. And you can say anything you like about Duffy and Wallin: and whatever you say is also a reflection on the guy who appointed them. Look at Harper, not at the Senate.

    • Yes the senate is a fine upstanding institution filled with partisan hacks given life-time appointments to do nothing of worth. It’s not surprising all these senators are getting caught defrauding taxpayers. These failed politicians got their jobs in the first place based on cronyism. An inflated sense of entitlement comes with the territory.

    • Oh please….have you looked at the history of the senate? What about Andrew Thompson who made 12 visits to that esteemed upper chamber during his 7 year appointment there. He came for the first two meetings of every sitting so they couldn’t oust him. Then he resigned when he could collect a pension. He was a Liberal.

      • Why “oh, please?” I am aware of several Liberal senators who have acted almost as heinously as the Duffster/Wallin dynamic duo. That’s not the topic, but sure, yes, “oh, please” you are right. Not sure about what.

  3. They’re dropping like dominoes. Can we hope for Harper next!? That would just make my weekend.

    • No hope. It’s the system. Too much university. Not enough kindergarten.

    • Hahaha! Like THAT would EVER happen. Did Chretien take responsibility for ad scam? Crap always flows DOWN hill….

      • Not exactly true, in that the Liberals were trounced out of office for it (with Martin at the helm)
        Look for Keystone to be approved, followed by Harper saying it’s time to pass the torch, followed by decreasing Conservative support at the polls.

        • What fantasy are you living in? Harper still has two years to lead and no one to pass the torch to. He will look at these two years as an opportunity to re-build his reputation. He ihas cut Duffy and Wallin loose. He is sending a message that they are on their own with the RCMP and the audits. Nigel Wright will go back to the business world after sheepishly explaining that he made a misguided but well-intended attempt to help a friend. The “keeping quiet” advice to Duffy from the PMO will be explained away as a “misunderstanding” and Duffy and Wallin will call their improper expense claims “mistakes”.

      • Chretien never took responsibility for it, but it was certainly given to him and the Liberal party come subsequent elections.

        We can hope for the same result here.

        • Yes your right but that one might still be kicking the Liberals in this next campaign so we have two tarnished parties.

  4. Why not either pay back the $ and continue to dance with those that brought ya, or quit altogether?

    • Timing-wise, hasn’t this all come down right after the RCMP investigation into the expense fraud was announced? So perhaps there are criminal elements — so the dance wasn’t going to last much longer anyway — this way, the PMO has told them to step down to get some distance between them.

      • Listen don’t forget the Liberal senator has done the same thing. It is a good thing for them to do. They get no pressure from the party to quit the senate and they can continue to draw the pay. They don’t even have to show up for work. The only way they can kick them out for non-attendance is if they miss two entire sittings in a row. One Liberal senator who is infamous only appeared 12 times in 7 years and wasn’t kicked out. The reform party hired a mariachi band when he appeared. All they need is a sick note from their physicians and they are in the clear.

        • Are you back to your tired old “but but but the Liberals did it too” refrain? That’s effective.

          • Wow….is that what you got out of my comment? Gee, just like scf and you….hmmm…..

          • Here’s the thing. I refuse to defend ANYTHING Harper or the Conservatives do. I agree, it is outrageous, unforgivable and disgusting. Now it is YOUR turn. When a Liberal senator or MP does something unethical, put on your “non-partisan big boy pants” and call them out. I dare you. Do you want change or do you loath Harper so much that you just want to see him hang?

          • @healthcareinsider…. well, since you put it THAT way… his fake cowboy boots swayin’ in the wind does have a certain “jais nes sequa”, doesn’t it?

    • Oh no, you don’t quit. This is a win win situation now for them. It is very difficult to get rid of them and they won’t embarrass the party. The Liberal senator has done the exact same thing.

      • it’s safe to say it still embarrasses the party.

  5. Seems like Mr. Duffy’s pithy observation – as a then journalist – that the senate is a ‘jobless thanks’ has come to an Ouroboorus-like conclusion.

    • I think the “taskless thanks” was Allan Fotheringham’s line. Duffy was never that smart.

  6. Called it.

  7. Blah, blah, blah…. But stil have my job and a great pay and still can vote as an independent as a conservative, so no big deal. Thanks tax payers for let me keep my job “suckers”. Abolish the Senate, is a money sucking institution with no value that only serve a few.

  8. I’m sad a generation after the Cold War ended we are still elevating useless humans to political and wealthy positions; wealthy enough to read something useful. It saddens me because our ideal Parliamentary Democracy still isn’t good enough to get to a reasonably stable utopia from wherewith to chart out a path for communications or contact or war with aliens in this galaxy and elsewhere/when. I’m re-inserting the chip, so to speak to avoid the weight of CPC idiocy on my mind. I want to know whether to get Elysium technology in two or five centuries, and what carrots to use as a Christian surrogacy and whether survivalists will feather duster their own homes for (only) WMDs and relay.