Panda jokes


During QP yesterday, Megan Leslie became the first MP to work the names of Canada’s new pandas into a question about the government’s credibility.

Mr. Speaker, even the Prime Minister’s new BFF is shocked by his disregard for Canada’s international commitments. No, not Er Shun and Ji Li but China, was joined by India, Brazil and South Africa in condemning the Conservative withdrawal from the Kyoto protocol. They said they seriously question the government’s credibility and sincerity on climate change and they slammed Canada for casually setting aside our existing legal commitments. Why will the government not stop working against Canada’s national interest and start defending our reputation?

Ms. Leslie is the fourth member of the opposition to make a panda reference since the Prime Minister went to China—preceded by Olivia Chow, John McKay and Kennedy Stewart.


Panda jokes

  1. I guess the opposition didn’t get the memo that you either stand with the pandas or the child pornographers.

      • “And they note PETA’s threat to boycott Canadian maple syrup…
        Echoing those internal intelligence assessments, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews announced last week a new anti-terrorism strategy that identifies as threats eco-extremists, animal-rights radicals and anti-capitalists, as well as white supremacists and foreign terror groups. ”


        Actually i don’t know if it’s to laugh at or cry for? When does a minister or govt become a parody or itself? Security services are at least mandated to be paranoid and they don’t bombard us with anal atack ads, or make us pay attention to grade 8 QP antics. 

        …a threat to our maple syryp…thattttttsss treasonousss!

        • That’s funny but the part about labeling “anti-capitalists” as terrorist is downright scary.

          • Probably code for anyone from dippers to moaists. I don’t fit the mold but i share your concern.
            Did this come up from the SS or down from our genius of a minister i wonder? I would worry far more about the former.

          • oops…freudian slip…security services.

  2. I’m disappointed.  How was the first reference to the Pandas not in relation to the Lawful Access shenanigans?

    I want a “My Prime Minister went to China, and all I got was two rented pandas and a new online surveillance policy” T-shirt.

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