‘Partisan political truth’


David Akin checks the end of the Prime Minister’s speech.

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‘Partisan political truth’

  1. I click the link, the page it is black. As tempted as I am to believe this happens by design, or that my computer hates me, I bring it to your attention, Mr. Wherry.

    • The link worked fine for me. I think your computer must hate you.

      • Better now. It must have wanted a break more than I did.

  2. Akin: The coalition was formed partly in response to Harper’s attempt to cut off all parties from public financing

    From the CBC,

    Opposition denies subsidy cut was incentive for coalition push

    Both Liberal finance critic Scott Brison and NDP House Leader Libby Davies went on record Saturday as saying the motion has little to do with the government’s decision to cut party subsidies, which were brought in as part of election finance reforms in 2003 when political contributions from unions and corporations were banned.

    “That’s not what it’s about,” Brison said.

    “This is about the economic stimulus,” Davies said. “What it’s about is recognizing that the government failed Canadians. They did not bring forward the kind of significant economic stimulus that we’ve seen in all other G7 countries.”

    Both the Liberals and NDP vehemently denied that the political funding cuts had anything to do with the creation of the coalition.

    Partisan political truth, indeed…

    • Akin’s calling the Libs and NDP on the fact they opposed the fiscal update partially due to its public financing cuts. So what’s your complaint?

    • JG
      Are you saying, if the opposition can spin partisan political truth, than so can Harper now? Or are you just saying Harper is speaking the truth now? Funny how maleable truth is, i could have sworn at the time of the “coup” attempt Harper and others said it was only about the subsidy. Now he’s saying it was about stopping his budget. Which is it? All politicians lie, undoubtedly – some more than others it seems!

      • Regardless, there is a difference between spin and outright lying.

        Harper is out-and-out lying when he says the opposition wants the government to get their approval for each individual spending projects.

  3. There must be some enterprising ( and soon to be unemployed ) young reporter out there who can inadvertently slip that into a paper and ink story somewhere.

  4. Thanks Mr Akin. God I hope the rest of the mainstream media doesn’t report this as a triumph tonight on TV and in tomorrow’s papers. Utterly boring speech with lame jokes, blown appaluse lines, shaky delivery, and the usual problems with truth telling. The audience clearly didn’t know what to make of it. Tepid response at best.

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