Pass your gun to the person on your right


The Canadian Shooting Sports Association is planning a gun swap to mock the long gun registry.

“The governments and advocacy groups have forced our hand by suggesting the registry data is somehow useful,” Bernardo said. “Shuffling previously registered firearms is totally legal, responsible and appropriate.” Bernardo said that when people partake in the gun swap, “no one will know which owners have which firearms.” “And that’s perfect, because it’s nobody’s business.”

The CSSA is one of the groups represented on the hunting and angling advisory panel that the Prime Minister announced in May.


Pass your gun to the person on your right

  1. Unless he feels the same way about cars he’s a hypocrite. But either way he’s an idiot.

  2. Are wives included?

  3. Should people this stupid and irresponsible even be allowed to own weapons? I don’t think so.

    • we’re doing what ever we can to protest an unjust law, how is that stupid or irresponsible, speaking of stupid and irresponsible, why do people like you stand up for a registry thats been proven to be useless, as it targets the wrong people, yet you insist that it works, and your using the same tired pre-recorded propaganda lines that were getting boring 2 years ago, i almost wish that freedom of speech was as restricted as much as firearm ownership, so i would’nt have to listen to leftist drivel as often that would almost be worth it

      • So how is it unjust to simply ask people to register deadly weapons? If you feel that strongly about such a minimal requirement, there’s a nation just to the south that you can move to.

        The fact that so many gun owners reacted so childishly and negatively to this make me think it was the right idea all along (if perhaps poorly implemented).

        But it’s kind of a moot point anyway…

      • While it’s clear you’ve never seen the inside of a school, I’m curious why you are protesting a law that is no longer a law? Will you do this in perpetuity? Don’t you have some abortion or rape laws you’d like to expound on, in your free fall, run-on sentence kind of way?

      • “i almost wish that freedom of speech was as restricted as much as firearm ownership…”
        I would organize a speech swap like you’ve never seen, pal.

      • IIRC, Canada’s Long Gun Registry, perhaps not totally, but at least partially came to be as a result of the Ecole Polytechnic shootings.

        I’m open to the idea that the registry, as it ended up getting implemented, might not have been the most effective way of preventing repeats of that incident.

        So I’m interested to read what should have been done in the aftermath of that incident to prevent repetitions – surely there is something that Canadian society can do to make it harder for folks like Marc Lepine to acquire guns.

        Or maybe we shouldn’t place restrictions on folks like him or anyone else for that matter…as I say, I’m interested to read your thoughts on that aspect of the issue.

  4. The CSSA is merely highlighting what has already been happening. The gun registry is an inventory system and, like all inventory systems, if you don’t keep its database updated, it become outdated, inaccurate, and useless. Elvis has left the building and the gun registry is dead.

  5. Sounds like a great way to fence stolen firearms or get rid of one used in a crime. And also no one will know whether they are complicit in transferring a firearm to someone who has a court order that forbids them from having one. Not unless they check the registry for a licence first. I assume that the owners are familiar enough with the classification system to accept the risk that they might be getting a restricted firearm.

    • I can’t wait for one of these ‘law abiding gun owners’ to get caught with stolen property.