Pat Martin shall tweet no more -

Pat Martin shall tweet no more


A statement from the NDP.

These comments were simply inappropriate and unacceptable. Mr. Martin agrees and we understand that he has decided to stop using his Twitter account.

And with that, Pat Martin signs off with one last tweet.

I apologize for my regrettable and inappropriate language yesterday. It seems some people shouldn’t tweet so with this, I sign off.


Pat Martin shall tweet no more

  1. Looks like Pat Martin needs some “Serenity Now”……

  2. I have noticed the other parties tend to over-apologize while the CPC never does. Martin could have gotten away with something like “My points were valid, but I took a harsh tone there and I brought out some dirty laundry of Mr. Toews. I can’t take it back but I’ll try to be a bit more focused in the future.”

    • That’s because the other parties are both human and Canadian. And we apologize.

      • Are you suggesting that the CPC is neither?

    • Not sure if Mulcair or the NDP would have been convinced. Mulcair is trying to show Canadians that the NDP is fit to govern, and it seems like they’re trying increasingly to sideline Pat Martin. Just my opinion, perhaps I’m wrong.

  3. Pat Martin is a carpenter and a union man, and that’s what his riding elected him to be in the HOC. The faux shock….by the media and other MPs…. is just that.

    There are far worse things in this world than what we term ‘bad language’. Martin mentioned one of them

    • So being a carpenter and “union man” is justification for calling people whores? Small wonder why the Union movement is in decline…..

      • You need smelling salts there Bill?

        Maybe you could loosen your corset?

        • Personally I think someone paid over $ 150,000 a year can do better then calling others “whores” is it really to much to ask that our elected officials not call people “whores” over Twitter on taxpayer funded blackberries ? I realize in your world that is however I actually think Pat Martin could act like more of a grown up, even if he is a “Union Man” (as you put it)

          • LOL Cons have sold themselves to power… body and soul Bill… the ‘whores’ is accurate.

            Rat-faced is opinion I guess. Most of the ones I’ve seen look like they belong in coveralls in the back 40…..this would include Harper as well.

            I would personally call Vic Toews a lot worse than this minor stuff…but I assume Martin was being kind.

            Oh, and Bill…..? Dock workers, miners, auto workers, construction people don’t all talk like they come from the playing fields of Eton.

            If it upsets you that badly, go lie down with a cold cloth on your forehead.

          • Great ! Everyone can start calling one another “whores” that should really enhance democratic debate. Never ceases to amaze me the depths you will go Emily to justify poor behavior so long as it aligns with your personal political views. Pretty sad in my view.

          • But Pat Martin apologized – just like Peter Van Loan

          • BS. He refused to apologize several times last night, and in fact escalated his personal attacks. Only after a newspaper contacted him in the morning after he’d sobered up, and after his own party reprimanded him did he finally apologize.

          • You call a whore, a whore, Bill….perfectly legit word.

            You have no idea what my personal political views are. You just make them up. ‘Liar’….another perfectly legit word…applies to you, Bill

          • name calling. how very mature of you.

          • I’m not calling you a ‘name’, I’m stating a fact.

          • wow,,,your mental prowess continues to impress me. What other nasty names and insults can you come up with ?

          • Your little Con game not working out so well? Tsk.

            PS….now take your red herrings home. We haven’t forgotten that Toews was schtupping his young babysitter….

          • So let’s see….agree with Emily or “go home” is how things work in your world. Have fun with that.

          • Red herrings go home You can go with them. Ciao.

          • I don’t scare that easily. Sorry to disappointing you.

          • And when she’s out of ammunition she says ‘Ciao’. Always, as predictable as ever.

          • Jeezuz Bill, nobody’s trying to scare you. How crazy are you folks anyway?

            I find your conversation boring, and we’re long past any discussion stage. To me, it’s high school stuff.

            So I say Ciao…and leave.

          • Who is “you folks” exactly ???

          • She’s a beauty, isn’t she!

          • You’re insane. Fact.

          • Noop, sorry.

          • But its my opinion that you being insane is a fact, therefore its a fact.

          • LOL

            Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts.

          • EmilyOne always goes on like this. She’s blowing in the wind, writing whatever suits her. Never mind reason.

          • Sounds good Emily! I will call a runt a runt! Oops, typo!

          • Like I said, Cons argue at the high school level. Yawn.

          • And EmilyOne writes like an angel when it concerns Native bashing (see PW blog entry) Double standards anyone?

          • Personally, I think someone who is paid more than $200,000 a year to be Prime Minister can do better than leading his party down the road of a contempt finding in Parliament.

        • I approve this message, a tight corset is deadly. It can lead to kidnapping by undead pirates.

          • LOL….oh I wish.

            The entire Con Party of Stupid needs to be removed by Zombies.

      • “So being a carpenter and “union man” is justification for calling people whores”

        No, but Harper spending $3 million on a building that now sits empty certainly is.

        • Yes, Pat Martin should be *outraged* that there’s actual development happening in his hell-hole of a riding.

        • He’s just trying to emulate the Chinese model of economic development, where entire cities with soaring highrises sit vacant.

          One empty building is just a start.

      • No. The people being whores is.

  4. Martin has to learn some discipline – he is a public figure. But really, what’s worse, Tory backbenchers behaving like party wh’res or Martin saying so?

    • Actually what is worse is partisans who are incapable of admitting that what Pat Martin said was wrong and continue to defend that kind of juvenile nonsense so long as it aligns with their political beliefs. In spite of being a Conservative, I don’t have any issue in agreeing that Toews “child pornographers” comments were just downright wrong no different then Pat Martin calling people he politically disagrees with “Whores” was wrong. Some of you clearly have very selective judgement. (I am not suggesting you are kcm as clearly you admit that Pat Martin should know better )

      • And just for good measure, on availble evidence, he isn’t right about the YFC situation either…at least as far as i can tell.

        • He being Toews or Martin?

          • Martin.

          • Cool

      • I certainly wouldn’t have used the word “whores”, but surely you can understand the implications of the term. It’s more than just some “dirty insult”. It reflects the behaviour of the government and the term is used figuratively for people who take money to do things behind closed doors to the dismay of the public… which is what these faux-conservatives do.

  5. People of Canada are far more offended by the ways Harper + his regime are destroying our country than choice of words someone used when criticizing them.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • Calling people a “drunk” isn’t really productive either (and might be considered libel). Criticizing chronic mismanagement of funds and misgovernance is valid criticism, even if there’s a little vitriol behind it. Frankly I’m not sure how any opposition to Harper and Toews and the rest manage to not burst into rage and say horrible things all the time after the things that have been done during the past while.

        Context is important. Toews virtually calling everyone who opposes his horrible invasive spying bill supporters of child pornographers was FAR more offensive than anything Pat’s said if we really wanted to play that game..

        • And I don’t remember Toews’ apology.

          • Very good point.