Pat Martin will not go unquoted


The NDP MP considers the latest troubles for newish Tory senator Patrick Brazeau.

“Senator Brazeau has been running around like he won the lottery. He doesn’t have to be Gandhi wearing a hair shirt, but for God’s sake, think about the people you’re put there to represent.”


Pat Martin will not go unquoted

  1. Now look, I don’t mind anyone spending their money how they see fit. It’s your money, drive what you want.


    To place Martin’s quote in context, Brazeau became a Senator, and is now driving around in a brand new Porsche Cayenne. It’s perhaps not totally crazy to point out that buying a new luxury SUV right after being appointed to a 6-figure unelected government job during the worst economic crisis in a generation is perhaps not the most astute and sensitive move in the history of Canadian public officials.

    If you’ve got it, flaunt it, by all means. However, given the current economic situation, perhaps immediately after being appointed to the Senate is not prime “flaunting it” time.

    • Does anyone know for sure that he bought the SUV and is not leasing it?

      And Brazeau is doing his best to stimulate economy, can’t fault him for that. All our pols seem to think that anyone saving money is dastardly, so he’s doing his best to help out.

      • Well, as it’s mostly about optics I’m not sure the “buying vs. leasing” issue matters much. I’m sure there are plenty of Canadians who’d like to get appointed to a job in this economy that would allow them to lease a Porsche.

        You make a good point about the stimulus though. Maybe this is just Brazeau’s contribution to the auto bailout.


        • I didn’t realize most people think it’s the optics of him driving Porsche. My impression was that people were questioning how he could afford to drive a flash vehicle on his salary and were insinuating he must be corrupt in some way. That’s why I was wondering buy v lease.

          • Well, except that I think it’s safe to assume that a Canadian Senator can afford a Porsche without being corrupt. The salary of a Senator is $130,400 a year so think a luxury SUV is within reach.

            I thought that most people were questioning him going out and getting a Porsche right after being appointed to the Senate (and here, it’s not about it being a Porsche per se, but an expensive luxury automobile). I think it’s really the timing that was deemed somewhat inappropriate, i.e. as Martin said, that he was acting as one might if they had just won the lottery (which, in a limited sense, he did!).

        • If its the answer to the bailout then he should he should have bought a domestic auto

  2. I only want to know what kind of vehicle Brazeau was planning to buy when he thought he could hold down both his Senate appointment and remain as leader of CAP. But, I understand Brazeau is not talking to the press, so I guess we will never know.

    • I believe if he’d managed to hold on to both jobs simultaneously his plan was to fly to work everyday in a helicopter.

    • good point maybe he thought it was good purchase when he thought that it would be pulling in over 200k a year

  3. What about Duffy? I’m surprised those eight reindeer haven’t gotten him in trouble yet.

    • He could economise and go with 4 oxen. Or are you making an obscure allusion to something that completely eludes me. There may well be a good reason, you know why poets are on the endangered species list. Perhaps they’re way too elliptical for folks like me. :)

  4. The sad part is, Martin is going to get wrapped on the knuckles for his emotional outburst. Just wait, in one or two days you’ll see a discrete apology or an awkward back peddling from Martin or NDPHQ.

      • damn, I wanted the puppet reference.

  5. WHO CARES WHAT HE DRIVES!!!!!! It ain’t new, it’s 2 or 3 years old and he bought it after he was reelected Chief at CAP.. This is way too personal.
    What does Pat Martin drive?

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