Patrick Brown Maverick Watch


Conservative backbencher Jeff Watson twice used the term “anti-Canada” to describe the NDP during a statement before QP yesterday. Meanwhile, fellow backbencher Patrick Brown posted the following note to Facebook last night.

Had our first government vs opposition hockey match tonight in Ottawa. All in all it was a great social outing for MPs from all three parties in the Commons to get to know each other. We may all come from different parties but we are all in public service because we love Canada. (and yes team govt won….)


Patrick Brown Maverick Watch

  1. “They are nice fellows when we beat them. Until then, we have to beat them.”

  2. “treacherous”


    Can anybody here tell me what House rules on decorum have to say about stuff like this? I know that a healthy debate needs to be unfettered as possible, but accusations of treason seem completely beyond the pale to me.

    • In Section 13 of O’Brien and Bosc, referring to “Rules regarding the contents of speeches”, it states that:

      “Remarks directed specifically at another Member which question that Member’s integrity, honesty or character are not in order. A Member will be requested to withdraw offensive remarks, allegations, or accusations of impropriety directed towards another Member.”

      Since all MPs must take an oath of allegiance prior to taking their seat in the House, I’d think it’d follow that any comment questioning the loyalty of any member to Canada would be to “question that Member’s honesty”, and as such be out of order.

      In that regard, I’d hope these MPs raise this as a point of order.

  3. Yeah, ’cause when they were in power, the Liberals always had a kind word to say about Reform-Alliance-Conservatives, particularly how patriotic their Western brethren were. 

    • Well, I demand better from my government.

      I don’t know where I got the idea that I should “Demand Better”, but it’ll come to me…

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