Paul Martin on Khadr -

Paul Martin on Khadr


From Hell or High Water.

…with the benefit if hindsight, given the revelations about events there, I must say that I now regret that the government did not intervene in the case of Omar Khadr and bring him back to face Canadian justice.

(Courtesy of BCer in Toronto.)


Paul Martin on Khadr

  1. I don’t know if that’s good enough. Presumably, people were saying then what they are saying now about Khadr, and his status as a child soldier.

  2. Maybe, Andrew NotPorC, but that was (I think) before the ‘evidence’ turned out to be tenuous at best.. Still, it doesn’t say much about us that we suddenly notice the guy’s a child right after we notice the evidence against him is full of holes.

    This is not an excuse for Martin, mind you. Presumably, HE knew Khadr’s age.

  3. No excuse for doing it wrong, but points for admitting the mistake.

  4. Easy to say this now that he is no longer in government.

    • Insightful. Did you come with that all by yourself, Don “Kill all the brown people!” Mitchell?

      • Wow, did your mom take away your “Count Dracula” cereal this morning?

  5. Something stinks about this whole affair. It goes back all the way to Chretien. Is it possible for our govt to maintain a political grudge through 3 PMs?

    • Sure. The avoidance of tough decisions can be eternal.