Paul Wells in conversation with Brad Wall

The Saskatchewan premier talks free trade and personal responsibility


Brad Wall knows what it’s like to be the new guy everyone is watching at a premiers’ conference.

That’s the situation he faced in 2008 at his first meeting of the Council of the Federation. Now with seven of these conferences under his belt, he’s learned to push the ideas near to his conservative heart — freer trade, personal responsibility — at a table where most of his colleagues sit to his political left.

Wall talked to Maclean’s about his efforts to improve Canada’s internal trade market, about the reasons why he disagrees with Stephen Harper about the need for an inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women — and about this year’s newly elected premier, Quebec’s Philippe Couillard.

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Paul Wells in conversation with Brad Wall

  1. The sharks are again looking at the polls and smelling chum in the water. This guy(wall)was seen in a video making homophobic remarks of the gay community just a few years ago, and now he wants to become PM of this country. I’m sure that video is still around. I’m not defaming either, I’m just telling the truth. Harpers cat or chinchilla got more ideas than this guy

  2. Wall seems to be an old fashioned kinda Conservative. One with a big P in front of it. I could vote for a guy like him, even if i didn’t share all his political ideology. Too late now, but if the Tories had found a way to ditch Harper and go with this guy, i’m not sure JT would be going anywhere. I’m not even sure he would have felt a need to go for the leadership of the LPC before his best before his best before date the way he has.

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