Paying the bills (II)


The CBC reports the government will cut deeper into departmental budgets than previously planned. The Finance Minister raises the possibility that some departments may have to cut more than 10% from their budgets.

The Post reports that the Conservatives may try to adjust MP pensions, but the Finance Minister seems to defer.

On the issue of whether changes are afoot for the pension plans of members of Parliament, Mr. Flaherty said that is a decision for the House of Commons Board of Internal Economy, not the government.

The Board of Internal Economy is presently composed of three Conservatives, two New Democrats and a Liberal. Its meetings are conducted in camera.


Paying the bills (II)

  1. Lead the way, MPs.  Show all us little Canadians that you put your money where your mouth is .. or are cutbacks only for suckas?

  2. If there’s any spark left of the Reform Party movement, those who claim to adhere to Reform’s principles should be backing an MP’s pension reduction loudly.

  3. Oo la la.  10%.

    In the private sector this is pretty mild stuff.
    Then again, folks in the private sector are used to fending for themselves.

    • Corporate welfare anyone?

  4. You mean the government lied to get into our electoral pants? Say it aint so!

  5. Finally.

    Faster please.

    Agree with those on MP pension reform. Cut it back drastically. Being an MP is a temporary public service. Not a career. You should have to serve 20+ years as an MP to get a public MP pension, and even that should be more modest than what they get today.

    EDIT: In fact, scratch that. If you serve 20+ years as an MP, you should be perfectly capable of financing your own retirement on 157K+ / year. Scrap the MP pension plan altogether.

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