Peace in our time -

Peace in our time


Yesterday afternoon, NDP MP Jonathan Tremblay rose to address the case of the missing toy space shuttles.

The facts are as follows: the parcel in question, which was addressed to my colleague but mistakenly delivered to my office, was opened by a member of my staff who failed to notice that the parcel was not addressed to me and did not take the trouble to verify the addressee. As my colleagues know, we all receive many letters and parcels, and as everyone will understand, not every piece of mail is necessarily examined carefully. However, that is no excuse.
I also note that the email referred to by my hon. colleague may have added to the confusion. It read, and I quote, “We received the parcel on the member’s behalf.” The member in question was me. A member of my staff still believed, until yesterday, that the parcel had been addressed to me. The objects in the package were mistaken for promotional items, such as we all receive at our offices and do not always know what to do with. I usually distribute those kinds of items to the people of Montmorency—Charlevoix—Haute-Côte-Nord. Unfortunately, that is what happened to the items addressed to the member for Westmount—Ville-Marie.

Mr. Tremblay accepted fault, apologized and offered to both “pay all costs incurred to rectify the situation” and “make a personal donation to the charity those items were supposed to benefit.”


Peace in our time

  1. That sounds reasonable and I hope it settles the matter.

  2. Is that the sound of the air going out of Garneau’s leadership hopes for the LPC. I understand he was upset, but his reaction to go to the floor of the house rather than settle it quietly was frankly very odd.

    • This happened at the end of February; I imagine Garneau’s office has tried to find out what happened and deal with it quietly, but read what Tremblay says about the email: it sounds like the staffers in question were being sarcastic when in fact, they were likely genuine. Garneau is an impressive fellow, and this did seem petty in the HoC, but given the explanation above, I think his office felt they had tried to manage it quietly and were angry about not getting anywhere. Tremblay should review and likely change the mail process in his office.

      • He is an impressive guy, which makes it all the odder.

  3. Oh, good. All that was needed, I think.

  4. A member accepting responsibility for a mistake and publicly apologizing…how novel.

  5. What!?!? Why that’s just… Entirely reasonable. A mistake was made, the MP in question owned up to the mistake and has offered compensation.

    It would be nice if certain other parties would do the same instead of lying, lying some more, blaming the Liberals, then lying again, only admitting wrongdoing when faced with court orders (and even then, lying about that.)

  6. He made a mistake. Big deal. I hope we can all move on from this…he thought it was a parcel of promotional products.