Pedigree: check. Manifesto: check. -

Pedigree: check. Manifesto: check.


Dominic LeBlanc throws his hat into the ring.

OUT IS THE NEW IN-DATE: Coderre out! Gerald Kennedy out! It’s getting chilly and lonely out here on the windswept steppes of Liberal leadershipland…


Pedigree: check. Manifesto: check.

  1. Wait a second, how many times is LeBlanc going to announce? What is he — the groundhog candidate?

  2. Remember Dion’s “richer, fairer, greener” Canada pitch? What the heck did that mean anyway? Well fresh off of that slogan’s defeat comes Leblanc’s new pitch – “an open, prosperous, and fair nation” slogan.

    Who doesn’t love openess and fairness? Seriously though – bland, vague speeches like this one are so useless and do nothing to motivate supporters. His line about how his father was Governor General of Canada and was able to see the “Greatness” of Canada” really knocked me out of my chair. Gee, can you sprinkle some of that wisdom down to us low-folk who don’t have the opportunity to see that greatness?

  3. I guess Gerald Kennedy being out will make it less confusing for Gerard Kennedy supporters?

  4. Anon – he’s apparently going to “formally announce his candidacy in the weeks to come” so we have at least one more LeBlanc campaign launch to look forward to.

  5. My point from the rant above is that there is no manifesto in Leblanc’s speech. What there IS, is a lovely diatribe about how wonderful Canada is and that the Liberal party needs to “do things” to make it as lovely as it was under Bill Clinton… er I mean Barack Obama.. err.. I mean Trudeau.

  6. Was Denis Coderre actually under the impression that he is not a joke?

  7. Riley,

    Who doesn’t love openess and fairness? Seriously though – bland, vague speeches like this one are so useless and do nothing to motivate supporters.

    Can we just forget everything that happened down south? Apparently, yes we can!

  8. Also out: Geraldo Kennedy, Giapetto Kennedy, Johnny “Pants” Kennedy, and Che Gelida Kennedy.

  9. I wished Coderre would run. Just to see the UFO science fair video air on RDI one more time.

  10. One thing I hope the LeBlanc candidacy does is kill the whole idea of “l’alternance” in the Liberal leadership.

    M. LeBLanc is a francophone as is M. Dion and Messrs. Chrétien, Martin (by adoption) and Dion were all Québecers (but only two were part of the Québecois nation within a united Canada if I understand Lawrence Canon correctly). so I hope this means no journalists, let alone Liberal Party members, will talk about “l’alternance” again.

  11. Thanks, Kady, yes that’s surely something to look forward to. He is borrowing from those US Presidential candidates where they keep announcing that they’re running every three months or so, mainly to raise money and keep their name in the mix.

  12. It becoming like McCain’s – did I tell you I was a POW. Hey folks, did I tell you I’m a candidate for leader of the Liberal Party, repeat.

  13. Paul Martin actually has a French-Quebec heritage AFAIK.

  14. I believe Mr. Martin’s background on his father’s side is Franco-ontarien which I suppose would go back to Québec or Nouvelle-France.

    Either way, it means that the idea of “alternace” no longer holds as the Liberals would have had either three leaders in a row from Québec or three leaders in a row who were (at least partially for Martin) francophone. So whether the idea of alternance originally meant anglophone -> francophone or Québecer -> non-Québecer it has not been practiced through these last leaders and should therefore be considered no longer valid.

    Chrétien certainly didn’t believe in it as he supported Mitchell Sharp over Trudeau to replace Pearson in 1968 and then ran himself to replace Trudeau.

  15. On any government project, you get to announce it three times – once when you unveil the concept, once when the shovels go into the ground, and then finally when it is completed. Leadership runs are now similar – you announce that you are considering running, then you announce that you are about to start running, and then you announce that you have, in fact, started running. :-)

  16. Coderre! Oops, that’s the guy I keep sometimes referring to as Cauchon. Désolé, monsieur Cauchon. Well, my prayers have been partially answered. Coderre will not be a PM. Any leadership candidate who signs in his-her own blood that this individual will never, ever be Defence Minister in a Liberal government will get a cheque from me and each of my kids. What– it worked for Volpe…

  17. Anyone who thinks Paul Martin qualifies in any way as a francophone never watched him speak in that language.

  18. MYL, living in Alberta, I’m unfamiliar with Coderre, beyond knowing that he supported Ignatieff in the 2006 leadership race. Would you mind explaining why you don’t want him to be Defence Minister?