Peter Kent versus the world


The Environment Minister spreads the good word.

Environment Minister Peter Kent repeated his sharp criticism of Kyoto at a high-level session of the Durban talks. “Kyoto, for Canada, is in the past,” Mr. Kent told a large audience of delegates and climate negotiators on Wednesday. “For Canada, the Kyoto Protocol is not where the solution lies,” he said. “It is an agreement that covers fewer than 30 per cent of global emissions.”

As he spoke, six Canadian activists stood up and silently protested by turning their backs on him, wearing T-shirts that said: “Turn your back on Canada.” Security guards quickly rushed over and escorted them away, leading them through a narrow corridor at the back of the room and then evicting them from the conference. But the protesters won louder applause than Mr. Kent, whose speech was greeted by a smattering of polite applause from delegates.

Earlier this week, Mr. Kent promised the Harper government wouldn’t withdraw from Kyoto during the Durban conference, but wouldn’t comment on what might happen after the talks. Officials from Brazil, Germany, India and South Africa are unimpressed.


Peter Kent versus the world

  1. Well, he’s spreading something alright, but it’s not the ‘good word’.

  2. Keep up the good work Mr. Kent.   Let them know that they cannot push Canadians around.

    • Oh goodness no, we wouldn’t want to do something useful. Better to be stubborn and belligerant and backwards.

    • LOL, what???

      Expecting our nation to live up to international obligations that we freely signed on to and ratified through the Parliament of Canada is “pushing us around”???

      I think I’ll try out that rationale around tax time.  I’m going to refuse to pay my taxes in order to let the federal government and Revenue Canada know that they can’t push Canadians around!!!

    • Durban is not a hockey game Ann.  And please don’t assume all your fellow Canadians are on your Tar Sludge “team.”   We are not, and we do not belong next to you and Mr. Kent in the penalty box.  

    • You know, I actually agree with the position that carbon et al reductions are ineffective unless everyone participates.  Yes, developing countries need perhaps different criteria, but China IS working to limit the expansion of its carbon emissions, so why not codify it.  But coaxing people into voluntarily doing what’s right by standing alone, belittling them and scoffing, and then threatening and bullying–well, has that ever worked anywhere in the history of humanity?

    • I’ve said this before, the problem here is that Peter Kent doesn’t realize that he’s Peter Kent.

      • And he’s getting pretty fed up with Peter Kent contradicting him.

  3. For alternate coverage from what our Canadian media is giving on the Durban conference might I suggest.
    On their Wednesday show they actually showed the Canadian Youth being escorted out and did a interview.

  4. Stick to your guns Kent – finally the corrupt Kyoto Protocol will be dismantled.  You guys mindlessly cheerleading the activists just don’t get it.  Billions being made by companies trading CERs with little actual reduction in emissions. 
    “Carbon Credits Becoming ‘Junk’ Before 2013 Ban Closes Door: Energy Markets
    Enel SpA, Honeywell International Inc. (HON) and Solvay SA (SOLB)’s Rhodia unit are among investors in projects from Mexico to China and India that will lose their biggest market for emission credits as the European Union, home of the world’s largest cap- and-trade system, phases out so-called offsets it has linked to “windfall” profits that undermine the market’s integrity.

    • Again, you’re talking ‘profit’ and not ‘fixing’, Nero.

      • You are wrong.  Canada is ‘fixing’ – companies operating in the oil sand are spending billions on R&D on ways to reduce CO2 emissions, water usage, reclaimation and restoration.  Yet they are an easy target to mis-inform ignorant people.
        Kyoto is a corrupt CER market which does not care about the environment – the EU is finally catching on – they spent 100’s of billions on buying CERs yet they still burn coal for much of their own energy needs.  Read the article.
        “The EU also is introducing geographic restrictions on offsets in its market. From 2013, it will accept new offsets only from projects based in least-developed countries. That will exclude China and India, which are set to supply 88 percent of all CERs to be generated to 2012, according to the Roskilde, Denmark-based Risoe Center.
        Chinese producers are threatening to release the gas back into the atmosphere if they can’t find a way to sell credits, Xie Fei, revenue management director at the state-run China Clean Development Mechanism Fund, said in a Nov. 3 interview. “

        • No,  Canada isn’t ‘fixing’ anything….it’s spending money on PR to claim they are fixing things.

          Kyoto is a protocol….not a market.

          Markets have to be bigger, and properly regulated in order to work…hodge-podge efforts won’t work….and are then taken as evidence that they can’t work.

          It’s self-referential.

          I know people think it’s fun to kick China, but they’re actually outselling us on ‘green tech’. We could have had the lead role on that.

          Time to stop silly squabbling and oil shilling, and get to work.

          The atmosphere isn’t going to fix itself.

          • Of course it is spending money on PR – forced to because of all the big money environmental activists get to spread mis-informantion.   Take a trip to Ft. Mac and see for yourself what is happening.
            “The UN market, known as the Clean Development Mechanism, was set up by the 1997 Kyoto Protocol as a way of letting richer nations offset their emissions at home by paying for cleaner technology in emerging markets. Investors in these projects get CERs that they can sell to companies and governments with pollution caps.”
            “properly regulated in order to work”  They are not properly regulated – too many cheaters.
            China is ahead in ‘green technology’ because of cheap labour and hogging 97% of the world’s accessable ‘rare earths’.
            Biggest threat to the atmosphere is deforestation and desertification.  Read Patrick Moore’s “Trees Are The Answer”

          • Or go fishing in the Athabasca River and see what’s happening..  http://athabascafish.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/img_9576.jpg?w=604&h=453

          • If they’d actually fix up the tar sands instead of wasting money on clap-trap, they’d find they wouldn’t need the PR.

            I already said Kyoto isn’t properly regulated

            China is ahead in green tech because they actually set out to solve problems instead of whining about them

            Cheap labour, and years of buying up ‘rare earths’ is capitalism 101.

            And ‘rare earth’ isn’t that rare….we have it in Ontario. The Chinese were just smart about it and looked ahead. We didn’t.

            Biggest threat to the atmosphere is emissions…our trees are already overloaded.

          • Which has nothing to do with it.

          • If China switched from coal burning plants to ‘dirty tarsands oil’ burning plants,
            they could reduce their carbon emissions by hundreds of millions of metric tons per year.

            So our contribution to China going ‘green’ is coming from the dirty tarsands and the Alberta Govt.

            Enviro activists are hurting the reduction in the world’s ghg emission by campaigning against the ‘tarsands’.

          • You simplify yourself into victimization every time, wilson.

            Of course coal plants are part of the problem,  but so are the tar sands.  They don’t get an exemption because they’re in Canada.

            And be thankful I’m not calling it ‘tar sludge’ which is the name they’re using for it in the US

  5. Global Warming is like crack to misanthropes.  It legitimizes their hatred of mankind and their urge to make life as miserable as possible for the rest of us.  

    • This from the Cons…the party of misanthropes. LOL

     ‘….As he spoke, six Canadian activists stood up and silently protested by turning their backs on him…’

    and the rest of the story

    Yup, included in the Youth activists was our little  ‘Stop Harper’ girl, Brigette DePape.

    And with a little searching done by Blogging Tory BC Blue,
    we find out who funded their Durban adventure.
    You konw the CAW boss, but did you know ‘Tides Canada’ is a group of Billionaires in the USA sending Millions to fund First Nations and David Suzuki Foundation to actively oppose Western Canada’s oil and gas industry… oh yah, the Occupiers hated 1%ers funding their causes, funny eh.



    • Oh good work….I count 5 pieces of distractive nonsense in that post.

      Fact remains you’re going to have to clean up the tar sands.

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