Peter MacKay gets an official endorsement


The Prime Minister’s Office tweets its “full confidence” in the Defence Minister.


Peter MacKay gets an official endorsement

  1. Hah! Harper endorsed Bibi too…doesn’t say much for Harp’s judgement

    Plus Harp isn’t about to can MacKay….the PC element of the govt would probably walk

    • Harper endorsed Bibi when being called for and Harper did not endorse Bibi when being called for. Good thing Harper has the intelligence for knowing when to endorse and when not to endorse.

      Harper isn’t about to can MacKay for the very same reason, namely having the intelligence to know when to endorse and when not to endorse.

    • While I agree that MacKay is not ever (in my view) going to get canned from a Harper cabinet I do believe that MacKay’s stock value has followed a pattern similar to RIM’s….

      • To other PCs? Probably. I don’t know if they’d follow him or not anymore. I haven’t supported him since he broke his word to David Orchard, and then to PCs at large.

        He’s done alright for himself though I notice.

  2. Gepetto spokesperson expresses full confidence in Pinocchio.

  3. I bet right now there are crosses burning on the lawns in Prince George over this earth shattering endorsement….what a media scoop by Wherry….a PM expresses confidence in a Minister. Stop the presses.

    • Dunno, Bill; a tweet endorsing the now long-time defence minister seems odd and unusual to me. It has the stench of placating despair to me.

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