Peter Penashue commences running

The re-election campaign begins before the by-election is called


With his last campaign’s ineligible donations paid off on March 4 and his resignation announced on March 14, but before a by-election has officially been called, Peter Penashue has begun his re-election campaign.

Kady O’Malley notes that Mr. Penashue’s campaign website was registered on March 11.

Interestingly, the deliveringforlabrador.ca domain was registered on March 11, 2013. Not only was that four days before Penashue’s resignation was ostensibly submitted, but it was also the very same day that he was in North West River to present $1.35 million in new federal funding for “broadband improvements,” which would turn out to be his final appearance before stepping down.

Whatever Mr. Penashue’s campaign does before the writ is dropped won’t be subject to spending limits. A source tells the Canadian Press that the Prime Minister will officially call a by-election in the the next two weeks.


Peter Penashue commences running

  1. The new era of accountability starts in 3..2..2.5…2 1/4…2.01725…

    • Gotta love Zeno’s paradox!

  2. This is a disgrace to Canadian democracy. How is Harper allowed to get away with this?

    • SILENCE, Canadian! Consequences are for Liberals!

  3. Sad, sad, sad! And probably with not just the approval of but active encouragement by the PMO.

  4. Special Ballot Voting campaigns, telemarketing campaigns, and certain companies should come under tight scrutiny now that this race has unofficially begun. Citizens should alert the press if they receive any telemarketing calls either live or robotic or for whatever reason – but it will be hard in the sparsely populated riding.

    Abuses of the Special Ballot Voting system is problematic. Since it encourages voting, it cannot be seen as restricting voting, but it can skew numbers for a certain party by locking in votes before advanced polling/polling day. In a tight riding like this one, a single loaded ballot box of a hundred votes can make or break a career.

    Not to mention that parties are not allowed to know who a person may vote for before election day. But if they promote a candidate to a supporter and then help them register to vote immediately, doesn’t the party now know who the voter will likely support? In an age where parties are able to collect data on and rank their supporter’s enthusiasm in massive digital banks, where do we draw line? If its not relevant data, why do they even bother to collect it?

    The Elections Act clearly states no persona shall: (b) wilfully interfere with, or attempt to interfere with, an elector when marking a ballot or special ballot, or otherwise attempt to obtain any information as to the candidate for whom any elector is about to vote or has voted;

    There are fines and jail-time associated with this, but it doesn’t make it onto the radar. Does this law need to be dragged into the 21st century or do the data miners of the 21st century need to respect the law?

  5. Isn’t there still a chance EC will still lay charges?

    • You mean now that Harper replaced the last head of the dept with one of his sock puppets?

      • Has that happened already? I guess we can forget finding out who hired Mr Poutine then?

        • There is no Pierre Poutine. He was a figment of our collective consciousness/anti-Conservative psychosis. Also: Shiny thing!

  6. This is a missed opportunity for the as yet undecided Liberal leadership, as it would make a helluva kickoff to an electoral reform plank.

  7. Welcome to the Banana Republic of Canada.

  8. OMG OMG OMG!!! A $10 domain name!!! Scandal!!! Travesty of justice!!! Why aren’t the RCMP investigating this!?!?!?!

  9. That his re-election campaign website was registered four days before he resigned is understandable.

    What’s the point of this report?

    That he knew he would be resigning and started his preparation work?

    That he spent money on the campaign before the election is called, a perfectly legal undertaking?

    This is the subject of an investigative Macleans report? How trivial.

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