Peter Penashue: Over-sharer -

Peter Penashue: Over-sharer

What project did he hold up?


After a relatively quiet stint as a cabinet minister, Peter Penashue turned talkative on the campaign trail this week and decided to share a secret with some of his supporters.

“I attained and pushed for managed to get $85 million for the road, on the Trans-Labrador Highway. I will tell you this. If I was not there, that road, that money would not be spent there. The money would be spent somewhere else,” Penashue said. “I will tell you a secret. I did not sign the approvals in Newfoundland until I had my $85 million for the road in Labrador, and I held their project for six months,” Penashue told a cheering crowd.

Alas, his campaign manager and the Conservative party weren’t willing to explain which project he held for ransom.

Newfoundland Premier Kathy Dunderale is unimpressed.

Premier Kathy Dunderdale says if Peter Penashue had been a member of her cabinet, he would be ejected for comments this week in which he boasted about holding up a project in Newfoundland to help his own constituents in Labrador … Dunderdale said Penashue was supposed to have represented all of Newfoundland and Labrador, and not just his own riding. “You’re not just a minister for a certain region of the province. You’re a minister for Newfoundland and Labrador, and you have to represent all of our interests fairly,” she said.


Peter Penashue: Over-sharer

  1. “hey, Canada. Nice country ya got here. Pity if something were to, y’know, happen to it. Cryin’ shame, really.” – CPC.

  2. Maybe I’m wrong, but aren’t there laws or regulations that prohibit this kind of abuse of one’s ministerial power? Hell, a minister can’t even write letters to certain people — holding up one project so you can get funding for another project seems light years worse.

  3. Penashue is merely giving voice to the Harper government’s porkbarrel politics. Only, for public consumption, they usually call it Canada’s Action Plan.