Peter Stoffer, the director's cut -

Peter Stoffer, the director’s cut


Global has uploaded video of Peter Stoffer’s entire meeting with reporters before QP this afternoon.


Peter Stoffer, the director’s cut

  1. That was good. You can see the thought process working.

    Much more effective than the written quote.

    • Agree. Stoffer called it like it is. No phoniness there at all; just puzzlement, incredulity and eventually healthy cathartic anger.

  2. Of course the media will completely forget about this incident the next time the NDP are complaining about the level of political discourse in Canada.

    • It left the area of “political discourse” with Anders’ initial comment.

      • I’m not defending Anders’ initial comment. But if the NDP and Liberals are going to complain about about political discourse, shouldn’t they be holding themselves to a higher standard? Instead, they lower the bar, making their previous complaints ring hallow.

        • You’re comment is stupid.

          • I know you are but what am I

        • I’m pretty sure Stoffer is holding himself to a higher standard than Anders. But I know that’s probably pretty hard to comprehend for someone who was only moved to comment on the whole affair when Stoffer said a naughty word.

    • Are you 100% serious, or maybe just 62% serious, or perhaps only 29% serious?

      I mean, I get where you’re coming from and all….

    • His reaction was 100% honest, if you watch the whole clip. Yours, not so much.

  3. You cannot beat authentic anger. We see so much faux outrage, this is refreshing. Dickhead it is!

  4. By accepting apology, Olivia Chow is far more kind than we could hope. She shows that there are some very gracious politicians sitting in Parliament.

  5. He’s right, Anders is a dickhead.

  6. Well, pretty great reaction as he digests it, but Stoffer appears drunk doesn’t he? He bobs back and forth and seems like his speech is a pretty heavy. Anyone else see this?

    • It looks more like he’s leaning in to hear the questions of individual reporters over the general din of the press scrum.

  7. Did Anders come up with this bizarre theory all by himself? Perhaps it has currency on the Conservative backbench. My guess would be he heard the idea and discussed it before blurting it out. He was likely surprised when it didn’t go over so well when he made it public. This would explain the PM’s inaction except for that gentle slap on the wrist from PMO.