Peter the Resilient -

Peter the Resilient


Lee Berthiaume tries to figure out why Peter MacKay is still the Defence Minister.

Whether Harper decided to leave MacKay untouched because of his importance to the party, his ties to the Atlantic region, because he’d done a good job or to prove a point is a matter of sharp debate. What is not is MacKay’s record for emerging unscathed when the consensus among pundits and experts seems to be his time has come.

“None of this has been an easy ride for Peter MacKay,” said author Bob Plamondon, who has written several books about the Conservative Party. “But it’s a testament to his resilience that he’s been able to take these hits.”


Peter the Resilient

  1. MacKay and the others can only be taking these hits and remain standing, because Harper not only allows it, but encourages and protects him and all his other cabinet. Oda didn’t get fired because of her scandals, but left because she disagreed with Harper over abortions. Harper use to get rid of people based simply on unsubstantiated rumours, like Helena Guergis. Now that Harper has all the power in the country he’s showing his true face, one of a facist dictator.

    • I agreed with you right up to the point where you threw out the facist dictator accusation. Please, read some history.

  2. It’s been a few years since the merger of Reform and PC….or should I say the tentative rejoining of the two…..and there is still considerable support for the PCs as a separate entity….as ‘red Tories’, not neo-cons or worse yet ‘tea baggers’.

    MacKay was a lousy PC leader…first thing he did was sell-out after all….but he is still the last PC leader we had. If he gets angry and walks….there may well be others who walk with him….so he’s probably quite safe playing soldier, even if the country isn’t.

    • I shall once again share some knowledge since you brought up the subject. The “Red” Cons did three levels of votes, ranging from every card carrying member of the party, to every ridings party rep, to the Party caucus itself. There was over 90% support from these groups to join the party’s together.
      So please, if you think Peter mackay “Sold Out” the party, think again. The “Party” made this choice. Peter simply signed the agreement.
      I really wish people would stop making the mistake of blaming one individual for a choice that was made by an entire party.
      Who in their right mind thinks that a Federal Party Leader has the power to do this all on their own?

      • I was there, Head. And by the time of yer ‘vote’….the red Tories had left…en masse. They knew after what happened to Orchard….whether they agreed with Orchard or not. They won’t be back.

        Unless maybe Prentice returns.