Peter Van Loan no longer thinks Mike Duffy displayed leadership

‘Had I known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have made those comments’


For the record, the Government House leader wouldn’t have said what he said about “leadership” if he’d known how Mike Duffy paid the money back.

“With respect to the situation with Mike Duffy, I said at the time that he had shown leadership by paying back the money holding the belief that he’d done so with his own personal funds,” Mr. Van Loan said. “Had I known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have made those comments.”


Peter Van Loan no longer thinks Mike Duffy displayed leadership

  1. Did he perhaps mean if he knew the truth would be revealed, he wouldn’t have made those comments?

  2. I thought this was discussed in cabinet via Marjory and so he would indeed have known — are we to believe he was allowed to defend the indefensible unknowingly? Perhaps Peter Van Loathsome is lying again; it comes easily to him. This strategy of lying to the public is really starting to show; not a good thing to lose the trust of the people this way.

    • Oh I don’t know. This is certainly a situation where I can believe ignorance over malice.

      The idea that Van Loan might actually be paying attention during cabinet meetings strikes me as less probable.

  3. How is it leadership to steal money then give it back when you are called on it? Van Loan is wrong on that point as well.

  4. Fortunately it has been about 36 months since anybody, anywhere, believed anything Peter Van Loan might have to say.

  5. Peter Van Loan was the point man on the Senate ethics issues until the media revealed Nigel Wright’s $90k cheque. Once revealed, Peter Van Loan receded to the background when questions were asked about the topic and the PM was away on his oh-so-important trips out of country.

    Peter Van Loan bolted from a scrum when he was asked about the subject shortly after the revelation.

    While this is all very circumstantial, if one man in cabinet should have known about the Nigel Wright cheque, it would be Peter Van Loan.

    If he knew now what he knew then, he wouldn’t have made those comments because he’d know he’d look foolish. Had it all gone to plan, Peter Van Loan wouldn’t change a thing.

  6. What have we become? Senators have a license to steal and to make matters worse,no
    consequences,no firing like in the private sector, no discipline nothing.
    Harper will still do nothing,abolish the senate along with these famous words’
    ‘Transparency, Acountability and Openness” No one cares or believes them anyhow.
    I’d like to mention these words were around when Louis St Laurent was P.M. in the 50’s

  7. Big fat carnival clown for the tories shows a mean face. Poor puffy duffy.

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