Pharmacare for all


Martin Singh pitches a national pharmacare program.

This policy document outlines the components of a national pharmacare program that will provide coverage for prescription medications to all Canadians irrespective of their health, social, geographic and financial circumstances. The document also details how Canadians will save $5.455 billion as a result of the implementation of the national pharmacare program. Companies that currently provide private plan coverage to their employees stand to save $560 million. Given that health care is under provincial jurisdiction, the implementation of the plan will require leadership shown on the behalf of both the federal and provincial governments in working together for the benefit of all Canadians.

Politicians have been speaking actively about a national pharmacare plan since the 1960s. After 50 years of talk, it is most certainly time for action.


Pharmacare for all

  1. When are people going to stop and realize that you can’t keep adding to the post-war welfare state paradigm with the new and coming realities in our demographics.

    • The provinces are already running their own – God help anyone who suggests a more cost efficient alternative.  And when you are prescribed an expensive med after your heart bypass you will appreciate the coverage.

  2. Ideally, healthcare should include drugs, glasses, dental etc.

    • Ideally, everyone could just live off the government teat and never have to work, but reality is different.

       Just ask Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ireland,…etc, etc…

      • Ideally we could spend the money on people not planes, and actually have a civilization.

        And don’t bring up Europe….the old ‘every man for himself’  US isn’t doing one bit better.

        • “……..and that they die in their misery without the pity of anyone?”

          Very true.

          Cons are ‘old testament’ christians….they’re into smiting.

  3. I lived in my other country of citizenship, Germany, for a decade. I know what it is like to have full medical coverage. Teeth, eyes and prescriptions must be covered, if the medical system is to be taken seriously.

    However, I do have reservations about the prescription coverage without some kind of cost. In Germany, we paid 5 Marks (back then) for each and every prescription, regardless of size of bottle or carton. Clearly, patients got doctors to prescribe a large size, instead of multiple smaller bottles, so it worked out fine for the consumer. But my concern is that we will promote the use and over-use of prescriptions, when the use of less or none might be just as appropriate.

  4. I like the idea of saving myself almost $200 every year, or $1400 per year for the family.

    Conserving my money, so to speak.

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