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Picking a side


The NDP has at least one MP who’s not sure how he’d vote if there was another referendum in Quebec.

“I’m not sovereigntist, but if there as a referendum, I don’t know what I would vote,” NDP MP Dany Morin told QMI Agency in French following an orientation session for rookie MPs on Parliament Hill Thursday. “Forty per cent of the population in Quebec is sovereigntist.”


Picking a side

  1. This seems to me like the way things ought to be. Nearly half of Québec is sovereigntist – if we decide that that half of Québec doesn’t get to participate in the governance of the country and the mainstream federalist parties, well, we end up with the Bloc. We *want* sovereigntists in our federal parties and taking an active interest in governing Canada, not on the outside looking in.

    • Yeah, it’s that “active interest” thing that trips up many of our newbie MPs, who had sub-zero expectation of ending up gracing the hallowed halls of Parliament Hill…

  2. Looking at Dany Morin’s rather sparse biographical details, I note that he’s a 26-year-old chiropractor and one of five openly gay MPs elected to the HOC.  He would have been ten years old at the time of the last referendum.

    One would think that the question: “how would you vote in a referendum on Quebec sovereignty?” would be one of the litmus tests that a federalist party would apply to prospective candidates in Quebec.

    • But come on CR, you’re a bright person, you know that’s not how things really work.  Every time any of the federalist parties wants to make a serious incursion into Quebec, they have to play footsie with Quebec nationalists and Quebec nationalism.  Imposing loyalty oaths on potential candidates or party members would get in the way of that.  Let’s face it, there’s a lot of looking the other way and willful blindness that goes on, and has been going on for ages now.  Mulroney bringing in Lucien Bouchard and his posse is but one historical example of this.

    •  Why?  I know how I voted, but how am I to know of the circumstances that would prevail in future?  What if Ottawa abolished the Official Languages Act and went on a policy to discriminate against hiring French-speaking Canadians?  I’ve read countless comments from Canadians, including politicians, who would like to abolish the Charter.  What if they went ahead – would I still feel comfortable to be a Canadian?  I think if were asked that question (how would I vote in a referendum on sovereignty) I would have to answer t- I don’t know!

    • Litmus test?  LITMUS TEST??!!???

      We’re talking about the Quebec NDP caucus, right?

  3. Has anyone ever asked Diane Ablonczy, a former member of the Western Canada Concept, a separatist organisation, how she would vote should Alberta hold a referendum on secession?  Have they ever asked Stephen Harper if he would cease to be reside in Alberta should the province secede from Canada?  Why are only Frenchies submitted to this harassment? 

    • I’m just going to add that, from a historical perspective, the Quebec sovereignty movement is not even the strongest such movement in Canadian history.  That would be the Nova Scotian independence movement from 1867 until about the early 20th Century, with a bit of a revival in the 1920s.  Unlike Quebec, they actually voted to separate from Canada and were only stopped because doing so at the time required action at Westminster.

  4. After reading the comments below, thank you for your understanding. I’m very happy to be Canadian and that’s why I’m in politics, to make sure that Quebec is well represented in Ottawa. Also to make sure that the MP in my riding, me, is trying to build a stronger Canada with a strong and content Quebec rather than represent a party trying to break up Canada. I’m not a separatist and never was. But… I’m growing more and more uncomfortable the way Harper is shaping up our country and that is why I stated that I’m undecided. And if the tories are pushing their right leaning radical agenda, I can’t guarantee that I’ll always feel this way. And that is why for the next 4 years I’m gonna fight to make sure that Harper doesn’t destroy the Canada I love.

    • You’re apprehensive about that SIX PERCENT INCREASE per year to the provinces for health care, too, eh?