Picking sides


Former NDP MP Dawn Black endorses Brian Topp, while Thomas Mulcair picks up an endorsement from Thomas Mulcair.

“I’ve got great, great support among the Quebec caucus. I’m thankful for that, but not totally surprised because they know what role I played in helping them all get elected,” Mr. Mulcair said…

“The fact of the matter is that if I hadn’t pushed hard and gotten things changed, we would still have never elected anybody in a general election in Quebec,” he said. “That type of drive and determination has gotten us where we are, and it’s the type of drive and determination that I will take to the job [of NDP leader].”


Picking sides

  1. Is Mulcair still holding his breath until the party agrees to change the timing of a leadership vote?

  2. For purely self-interested reasons, I really hope Mulcair wins the leadership. The guy is a schmuck.

  3. The principal thing I like about Mulcair is that all the right people don’t
    like him. He’s getting the sneering condescension that Layton got for
    most of his years. We’ll see.

    • Sneering condescension is Mulcair’s specialty. He always seems so smug and self-satisfied in his TV appearances. Zero charisma. I admit Jack had charisma, though to me it was a bit used-car salesman like.Too slick by half.

      • Hah .. that’s what made Mr. Mulcair’s little spat with Mr. Coyne so much fun.
        The “specialty” was dripping off the walls. Both have egos that enter a room
        ten minutes before they do.

  4. The NDP has finally posted their Constitution on their website (under the link Party).  

    However this posted version differs from the contraband copy floating around in that the section outlining the NDP’s principles as being socialist has been deleted.  I believe at their last Convention they upheld the part of being aligned with democratic socialism and the international socialist parties.  I wonder if this means the next leader will define whether the NDP maintains (at least on paper) its socialist position.

    Do Mulcair and Topp have any difference in opinion on capitalism and for profit versus socialism and government owned.

  5. I’m for Libby Davies or Pat Martin there my kind of Komarades…..

    • Yes, they’d probably put the socialism back in the NDP Constitution.

      • The NDP Convention referred the question to a committee for further study, rather than get into a divisive argument which would slow down everything else.

        Martin is for pitching it out. They might as well since we already have The Socialist Party of Canada, which is quite different than the NDP


        • That, in itself, isn’t reason.  I think even the US has 2 socialist parties – not that they put candidates forward or get votes, but they exist.

          The question is what would they replace it with?  That preamble defined what the NDP stood for.  I think they could write a position that supported capitalism along with strong social programs and distinguish themselves from the Liberals, but it does require some thought, as these guiding principles are meant to stand up election to election, leader to leader.

          The NDP has not aligned with their guiding principles for many years.  If anyone actually thought they would adhere to those principles (which basically denounce for-profit enterprise) I think their votes would dramatically drop.  So the NDP should change their Constitution.  It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with.  Right now they just have a blank page on their website, where their principles would usually be.

          • That was exactly my point, Jan – their platforms and electioneering have not corresponding to their Constitution, so they should change it.

          • Yes, I agree, that and some changing of the other statements would be a reasonable direction to go in.

  6. Mulcair, Topp,and (lol) Davies(lol, let me catch my breath) ALL LOSE; I welcome any of them to lead the NDP – into oblivion

    • Did you make the ‘L’ sign on your forehead after you typed that?  All the other kids do.

  7. Seriously, Davies has absolutely no chance of leading anything (except maybe a charge for the crackers and dip bowl at a get together) . More realistically, Topp and Mulcair would be almost as much good fun.

    • Seems like you said much the same about Layton.

  8. The poor Liberals. First the election and next the post-election press coverage. Do they have anything left to lose?
    Does anyone really expect the Conservative Government to give a hoot about the opposition’s opinions for the next three years until election talk begins?
    The momentum of the NDP may have already been lost, that would have allowed them to expand themselves as a party of voters second choice.

    • Does anyone really expect the Cons to be in permanently?

      Canada is not Alberta.

      • More’s the pity.

        • No, we are all grateful we’re not in Alberta.

          • No, she’s right. I’d much rather Alberta was more like Canada.

            More’s the pity indeed.

          • Yes Thwim, Albertans aren’t real Canadians, are they?

          • @OrsonBean:disqus 

            No, more like real Americans.

          • Keep on being your tolerant, inclusive self Emily. 

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