Picking sides


While Thomas Mulcair says he has the support of a “very large majority of my Quebec caucus,” Brian Topp went west yesterday and picked up the support of four prominent New Democrats from British Columbia.

“The British Columbia party is in many ways the heart and soul of our party,” Topp told reporters at a news conference. “And no one is going to become leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada without doing very well in British Columbia.”

Romeo Saganash is apparently set to announce a leadership bid. Nathan Cullen and Peggy Nash are still thinking about it. Pundits Guide has launched a special minisite to track the race.


Picking sides

  1. Given the procedural & timing disputes in play, a regionally polarized leadership contest would be very, very bad for the NDP.

  2. Topp was just on CKNW earlier – asked by host his stand on additional seats for BC, Alta and Ont.   His response – yes we support this BUT – due to Quebec’s “special” relationship they must be accorded more seats as well.

    If the response from callers in BC is any indication of what they think –  this NDP leader hopeful ain’t gonna fly in BC.

  3. The question of allocation of Commons seats will be a potentially large issue – given the largest block of NDP members reside in BC (about 30 times as many as there are in Quebec).  The trick will be to see if anyone is willing to risk Quebec public opinion by taking the position that they should not get extra seats at the expense of the rep by pop principle. Peter Julian, as a BC candidate, may be willing to take that stand – but if no one does then it ceases to be an issue – until the next election. The NDP have to remember that in BC a lot of their vote went to the Reform party between 1993 and 2004.
    People should also know, however, that the large BC membership numbers are the result of the recent NDP leadership race provincially – as the memberships are inter-changeable.  I don’t think even half those voters cast ballots in the provincial election, and the organizers who did mass sign ups at, for example, Sikh temples, for that race may have a challenge getting the vote out for a federal race as well.  For what it’s worth the inside organizers seem to be supporting Topp so far.



    Saganash – admired, respected, astute, seasoned lawyer, seasoned politician, writer, trilingual. If
    Romeo leads,  more people will come, those that haven’t voted, they will
    come, people will change their loyalties. He will be popular in Canada.
    He will be bring with him a renewed vigor and interest in politics, the
    world will follow the progress of the success in anticipation.   LETS


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