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Pierre Poutine becomes Pierre Jones


John Ivison reports tonight that RackNine has figured out who was behind Pierre Poutine.

He said he was first contacted during the election last year by someone who identified himself as Pierre Jones, who said he was a student completing a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Ottawa. He claimed he was studying advertising effectiveness and wanted to look at the operation of call centres. “He never was Pierre Poutine,” said Mr. Meier.

… Mr. Meier said he had his “Eureka” moment at 3 a.m. one morning, and by 5 a.m. had written a 22 page report for Elections Canada. “He [Pierre Jones] screwed up. Just for a fraction of a second but it was enough for me to find him,” he said. The information supplied to Elections Canada should expedite the investigation and offer some clues as to whether the robocall was the work of one individual or was the result of a more co-ordinated effort, as the opposition parties have alleged.  

The Citizen is unable to find any evidence of a Pierre Jones studying commerce at the University of Ottawa.


Pierre Poutine becomes Pierre Jones

  1. The most likely outcomes to follow:

    This mischeivous individual will be the culprit.  The left will flail that he just MUST be connected to Harper, dispite all evidence to the contrary.  Unable to extract any more smears under the increasing weight of evidence, the smearmerchants (including those in the media) will skulk away, and await their next cue from the opposition leaders.

    • Yeah, we’ll just ignore 31,000 Canadians, and focus on Pierre Poutine-Jones.

      Har, har, har.

      • “They called me at dinner time!!”

        Yes I think we can safely ignore complaints of that nature.

        And don’t kid yourself. A great deal of those complaints are lies.

        Coalition voters are falling all over themselves to jump on this bandwagon and claim to have been the victim of Tory dirty tricks.

        Heck who knows, maybe they’ve honestly convinced themselves the calls really happened. It was over a year ago and everything is so fuzzy …

        • You must be some kind of mind reader or have your very own source over at EC to be so sure all the complaints are bogus. Since no one else in the country as that info yet; neither the leader of the opposition parties or the PM for that matter.

          • Lets start cross referencing these calls with the Liberal voter contact records.

            This was the first time out with ther new system. We know they are horrible at data base management (gun registry).

            We also know call centers have rude, awful employees.

            I think we’ll find that these rude calls from pretend Liberals were actually just sloppy calls from actual Liberals.

          • Only thing is the Liberals didn’t call people telling them about poll location changes nor did they call on days where harassing calls were received. Only one party could have benefitted by this. Elections Canada told the parties not to call voters about poll changes even if they were correct and not to misrepresent themseleves as EC.

          • @facebook-744390704:disqus there’s two types of calls. The Liberals claimed to get rude calls from people saying they were Liberals.

            Then some people claimed to get calls from people claiming to be EC. Those are concerning.

            The Liberals calls, on the other hand, could have been ordered by the national campaign without proper co-ordination with the local campaigns.

            It was a new voter contact system being used for the first time. I’m not surprised there is some confusion surrounding it.

          • @facebook-744390704:disqus 
            You can’t say any of those things for certain. There is not a shred of evidence that the Liberals didn’t call people telling them about poll changes, there’s not a shred of evidence that the LPC didn’t do robocalling on certain days. Every party could benefit from voter suppression, not just one.

          • My question is…are all 31,000 people complaning that they got calls from obnoxious Liberals/false polling info that they think was Conservatives in disguise OR are they complaining that they got multiple calls from the Conservative party, including on voting day….because I got multiple calls from the Conservative party including on voting day but they identified themselves as the Conservative party.  They did offer polling info.  They did encourage me to vote Conservative.  If I was a Liberal or NDPer, I  likely would have found the calls obnoxious and irritating, especially if I had told them I was not voting for them and they still called back. 

        • Well maybe you’re ‘fuzzy’ on election day, but I doubt others are.

          Listen…we’ve already done the ‘31,000 Canadians had a mass delusion and 31,000 Canadians are lying’  excuses, so move on.

          • And how many of those 31,000 “complaints” have been corroborated? Is it more than zero?

          • Yup, fraid so.

          • There are multiple types of complaints Emily.

            Some are lies, some from Geulph are real, some are from Liberals getting mad at their own sloppy calls, some are from Conservatives probably just playing defence, some are delusional.

            That’s why we have investigations and challenge the validity of each complaint.

            instead of blindly shouting 31,000 !!! as if that was proof of anything. As if that was automatic proof of Conservative guilt.

            Blindly shouting numbers, move on from that one Emily.

          • 31,000 complaints are important, no matter how much you try to dismiss them.


          • @OriginalEmily1:disqus 

            The volume of complaints tells us nothing Emily.

            An orchestrated campaign to lie about Harper is just as likely as an orchestrated campaign to supress votes to Harper’s benefit.

            We know Avaaz and other left wing organizations have been working this issue quite heavily on social media.  

            There are partisans on all sides.

            Until a complaint has been investigated and determined valid then it is meaningless.


        • It was “over a year ago?” 

    • Oh……….okay. 

      And, well done, you are now obediently using the ‘smear’ word that your highly “transparent and accountable leader” robo-droned the other day in Question Period.

  2. Pierre Jones could be a fake name too – I mean he went to the trouble of covering his tracks otherwise. However, my understanding is that the IP address gives us a location to hone in on. 

    Personally, I’m a little sad. In my heart, I hoped that Pierre Poutine would be a real person. Cursing the red rag of Canada from his Separatist street porch while twirling his dastardly (a la Dick Dastardly) moustache. “I’ll get dose pesky Canadiens, la. HWAHWAHWAHWAHWA.” 

    • The thing is, an actual separatist would only benefit by redirecting federalist voters in ridings where there was a BQ candidate.

      • Maybe the “separatist street” was another attempt to throw people off as was the ridiculous name.  Maybe it was someone who just wanted to mess with the election process in Guelph.  Maybe they had something against the candidates or they wanted the Conservatives to look bad.  They certainly succeeded.

    • A general geographic area (like a city) can be obtained through public information by the IP address. They’ll need a judge to get the ISP to hand over detailed history of that particular IP. (Which, I’d like to add, should make everybody here very very happy).

      • Couldn’t they have gotten a free hotmail address and done the blogging from different internet cafes?

        • Absolutely. There’s nothing stating that the IP RackNine has found incriminates anybody at all. There’s also nothing saying that somebody couldn’t have had access to a wireless router and have been pulling shenanigans on a laptop in the parking lot.

  3.  The one thing we know for sure:
    Pat Martin is feeling a little more squirmy tonight.

    • You’re deluded.After all the hyped up assertions of the PM and his sidekick are you seriously going to claim there’s some moral high ground to be won back; some apologies to be made to the CPC?
      Besides it aint over yet, not by a long shot.

      • Yes I think the CPC is owed an apology and every media outlet in the country as well as all the opposition parties will have seriously damaged themselves if the following happens:

        This really was an isolated incident by a lone wolf Tory confined to one riding.

        Normally that would actually be quite damaging but what’s happened is that this thing has been so hyped up into a massive 40+ ridings scandal (God love Aaron Wherry and his on going series of add one more to the list …) of intentional voter fraud cooked up at the highest levels by the government and involving multiple call companies and secret payments and etc etc etc.

        That’s what happens when you guys let your irrational hatred of Harper cloud your judgement. You got greedy and bit of more than you could chew.

        Harper will come out of this smelling like roses while everybody else will just look silly.

        • Hmmmmm, i could listen to someone as clearly objective and disinterested as you appear to be, or i could leave it up to EC…tough one that. I advise you to do the same.

          We still don’t know if it was an isolated incident. Why not take your own advice and wait and see before ASSUMING the other side are irrational and the PM a rational saint? 

          • Oh I have no problem waiting until all the facts are out and EC has come to their conclusions. I kind of wish the opposition, the entire media, and all of the people on this board had done the same.

            If this was a big thing then we’ll have to take our lumps. No question about it.

            But as I said, if this really was just one guy in one riding then your side will need to show some humility and contrition.

            Coalition and media party forces can’t allege some giant conspiracy without any proof and then when nothing pans out pretend to be anything other than an ass.

          • Your mesaging is slipping:

            “This really was an isolated incident by a lone wolf Tory confined to one riding.”

            “Oh I have no problem waiting until all the facts are out and EC has come to their conclusions”

            in less than 2 hours. Not even 20 comments into your Macleans debut, and you’ve f-ed up your message track. Can you guys at least try a little harder?

          • @MostlyCivil:disqus I think you’re confused.

            I said IF it was a lone wolf. As in I suggested a scenario where the opposition would come out behind on this one.

            Its certainly what I believe knowing my part. However, until the investigation is done we’re all at sea.

            I guess some people here have trouble with complexity ? With independent and sometimes contradictory thought ?

            Is it really so bad that everybody is just a partisan doing message tracks for the different parties ?

          • OMG!!!!   Are you ACTUALLY suggesting that we wait and see before making ASSUMPTIONS?????  Crazy idea!  Why didn’t I think of that?  Actually I did and suggested it and then one of the liberal bloggers threatened to “vikileak” me for being a “conbot”.

      • Actually before you write me off as deluded I should say that the squirminess that Martin is feeling is not caused by any remorse he might feel for the slander he tossed in the protected confines of Parliament.

        His squirminess is the result of his public slander of Mr. Meier and RackNine and his stupidly not apologizing when that option was available. He is desperately hoping to pick the winning horse in the NDP leadership race so he has a friend to help out with his legal and settlement bills.

        • Except that he didn’t slander them.  He repeatedly referred to RackNine rascals, which was clearly directed at whomever used RackNine to make fradulent calls.
          The lawsuit is a joke.  

          • You better go back and review what Martin said to msm outlets when they first got mass hysteria over robocalling.
            Phrases like “goon with a club”, “cheating’, ” “fix an election”, ” rascals”, “sleazy punk”, ” criminals”, were all used by Martin in reference to Racknine.

            After waiting more than a week for Martin to admit his error and apologize in  order that he might rectify his slanderous comments, RackNine took the next step. 

            Martin will find this will be an expensive lesson for him.

          • Hey, if you’re looking for hostages, you can have Martin for keeps. His histrionics have contributed far more heat than light on this issue and he does little to advance the search for facts.

          • “were all used by Martin in reference to Racknine.”

            No.  They were all used by Martin in reference to whomever made fradulent calls using RackNine.
            Seriously, if you think the lawsuit is anything but a joke I’ll happily wager that they don’t get a cent out of Martin. 

          • Martin will tell the judge that Lenny said he should not have to pay a cent.

    • Doubtful.

    • This is your take-away?  You need help.

  4. Let’s make sure that Pierre Poutine is not just a Red Herring.  This whole election mess sure wasn’t the work of just one person.

    • Red Herring was in charge of printing and distributing brochures for the Guelph conservative campaign, I believe.  

  5. So. If this is true. That explains Guelph.

    37 ridings to go.

  6. If he can really write a 22 page report in 2 hours about something that happened under the the scope of his full attention 10 months ago, I’m jealous.

    • Double-spaced.

      • one word per line.

      • Powerpoint

    • Them diploma- and paper- mills work fast.

  7.  Why Elections Canada hasn’t tracked this back to the Guelph IP they supposedly have or the credit card data yet is beyond ridiculous. It’s also interesting that according to the media this setup appears to have only run for a limited time frame, there’s more to it than this. A public inquiry now more then ever is required to resolve this issue.

  8. To quote an article from today’s Globe:

    “In York Centre, where incumbent Liberal MP Ken Dryden lost to a Conservative challenger by more than 6,300 votes, the Liberals say they’ve now verified at least 12 complaints of misleading calls. They say many more complaints were forwarded to Elections Canada following the May 2 ballot last year.Eduardo Harari, a Liberal supporter in the riding, said he received a call from Conservatives during the election campaign asking him if they could count on his support. He indicated he was going to vote Liberal.Mr. Harari said his home subsequently received eight robo-calls, starting on April 21, 2011, falsely claiming his polling station had been moved. The last one came on May 2. He has a record of all the calls – which came from an unidentified number – on his phone bill.”

  9. Pierre Poutine is starting to look a lot like Andrew Prescott, deputy campaign manager of Marty Burke, the failed Conservative candidate in Guelph.  I am curious to know how Prescott knew about voter suppression calls when he started tweeting about them and why he did attribute them to the liberals?  It looks like an attempt to muddy the water before the conservative calls started to surface.

    • Yes, preemptive tweets — part of his winning strategy.

    • He who smealt it, dealt it?

  10. I suspect RackNine had a ‘eureka’ moment.

  11. And why did the Conservative party in Guelph issue a warning to their staff that the Liberal party was using suppression vote calls. So the Liberals were known to use suppression techniques 2 days before the election but we are to believe it was a Conservative plot. Give me a break.

    • Because the conservative person that issued the warning might have been about to introduce a wave of vote suppression calls of his own in the riding.  It is funny that this same person seemed to have been the only one to know about those (liberal) calls since apparently none had been reported at the time he issued his warning.  As someone else said, this looked like a preemptive strike to cover his tracks.

    • He issued an update that voter suppression calls were going out to Anti-CPC voters — suspecting them to be Liberal supporters in the 41st election.

  12. Are they throwing EC a bone, or a wild goose?

  13. re-posted where originally placed before DISQUS arbitrarily re-assigned it. This DISQUS software sucks

  14. Wait.. so is Meir asserting that he gave access to the CPC database and voter listing to some random student who wanted to study how call centres work?

    Or is he asserting his system’s security is so bad he couldn’t keep said student out?

    Because here’s the thing Matt.. we keep running into the fact, especially in Guelph, that it was almost exclusively Liberal supporters who received the calls.