Pierre Poutine goes provincewide


John Ivison traces Pierre Poutine to a variety of Ontario area codes.

The call that claimed to come from Elections Canada was sent out to 5,053 recipients in the 519 area code that covers Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, London, Windsor and Sarnia. But it was also received by 35 people in downtown Toronto, 74 in the 905 suburban belt surrounding the GTA, 14 in the 613 area code that includes Kingston and Ottawa, 22 in the 705 code area that includes Barrie, Sudbury and North Bay and one person in Thunder Bay.

By my count, 21 of the 40 ridings on our list are in Ontario: Dufferin-Caledon, Guelph, Haldimond-Norfolk, Hamilton East-Stoney Creek, Kingston and the Islands, Kitchener Centre, Kitchener-Conestoga, Kitchener-Waterloo, London West, Mississauga East-Cooksville, Nipissing-Timiskaming, Northumberland-Quinte West, Ottawa-Orleans, Ottawa-West Nepean, Parkdale-High Park, Peterborough, Sarnia-Lambton, Thunder Bay-Superior North, Windsor-Tecumseh, Windsor West and York Centre.

Using MP constituency offices as a guide, those ridings cover six area codes: 519, 905, 613, 705, 416 and 807.


Pierre Poutine goes provincewide

  1. Seems like there’s both more and less to Ivison’s story – less, because while the calls went ‘province-wide’, 97% of the 5,199 calls were within the 519, while only 146 calls were outside; more, because that ratio seems to suggest that the non-519 ridings were called by accident, not as part of a broader scheme.

    • Agreed. At first, it seemed like this problem spread beyond Guelph (31 000 “contacts” to EC, robocalls made in several area codes, etc), but the more we investigate deeper, the more it seems apparent that this truly was confined to Guelph…

      …at least for now. Time will tell if this truly was limited to Guelph, or beyond.

      • CBC had their big scoop last night that said it went across the country.

        After voters had been id as non-Conservatives.

        However, these people claimed to get live calls. EC will be able to trace the number by looking at their phone records.

        I was highly skeptical. The people being interviewed seemed angry and very partisan.

        It is possible they are mistaken and remembering things the way they want to remember them.

      • If that were true, everybody would have been directed to a polling station in Guelph, and they weren’t. 

        • All the Ontario robocalls were. Same message accidentally beemed into other ridings because of incomplete info.

          The other complaints from across Canada were live voices.

          Different messages.

          • Nope.  Call in Harold Albrecht’s riding – telling of changed voting location – not in Guelph and traced to Conservtive party.  The majority of the Guelph ones seem to be from Racknine/Pierre Poutine.  But other campaigns used another robocall company, which I won’t name because they are quick to threaten a law suit. EC will be onto them pretty quick.

          • I think you’re getting it all a little jumbled.

            I see Pat Martin and National News Watch have issued apologies to RMG in recent days.

            Lol although Martin still hasn’t apologized to Racknine or Matt Meirer. RMG must have better lawyers.

            But weren’t they doing live calls ?

            Wasn’t that the story in the star where a call center employee in North Bay claimed to have called people telling them about moving polling stations.

            And one employee claims people were going off script and saying they were from EC.

            But those were live calls. Not robo-calls.

            All the robo-calls across the country seem to be from Poutine and nobody else.

          • I haven’t read much in the news about calls in Albrecht’s riding. If I understand you correctly, there were robocalls made in his riding, misleading voters to wrong poll stations, and it was traced directly back to the Conservative party? This would seem more explosive than anything that’s happened in Guelph.

            Do you have a link? I’d like to read up on this a little more, and I haven’t been able to find much online so far.

      • Keep in mind that this “data” was released by the conservatives and it is in their interests to try to confine the accusations to Guelph and to try to pass off the rest of Canada as “mistakes”. I would not put a lot of faith on the Conservative spin to the data (they only released what they wanted to, not what they didn’t want to) and their own interpretation.  They didn’t explain riding specific robocalls for example.

        • I should add Ivison presented this Conservative supplied data as if it were “fact” without attributing it to the Conservatives.  The Globe & Mail made it clear that this data came from conservatives and was sent out to specific journalists (presumably those considered conservative friendly — either that or gullible).

  2. Dig a little deeper, Wherry.  How many of the 35 who got the call in downtown Toronto drove to Kitchener to try to vote at the fake Kitchener polling station the robo-call told them to go to?

    • LOL. If this was twitter, I’d RT you with a +1000.  

      It seems pretty clear that any “Poutine” robocalls to non-519 ridings were accidental.

    • @Mike514 – live call – reported in The Record back in December. 

  3. So much for trying to confine it to Guelph.

    • The article suggests the non-Guelph recipients received the call by accident, and the fake calls were meant to be confined to Guelph.

      “People as far north as Thunder Bay received a robocall purporting to be from Elections Canada, redirecting them to vote at a mall in Guelph.”

      The article seems to reinforce the idea that this was confined to Guelph, IMO.

      • You can’t call all over Ont….by accident.

        • They are robocalls Emily.

          The computer was fed junk data because the non-supporters list wasn’t properly managed.

          Did you even read the story ??

          • You can’t call all over Ont ….by accident.

            Do you prefer being called incompetent?

          • I wouldn’t rule anything out. It’s possible that a campaign had begun in some other ON ridings, and for whatever reason (lack of time? Money?) they abandoned it and focused their resources on Guelph.

            But it’s unusual that only a handful of people in some ridings received calls, and in one case (Thunder Bay) only one person was contacted.

            It’s also unusual that those callers were told to vote in Guelph. These 2 points leave the impression that they were accidentally called.

          • Do you not understand that it is all automated ?

            That the call is programmed to go out on the Geulph list and that some of the people on the Geulph list have updated numbers that are out of the riding because of incomplete information ??


            Is technology that hard to figure out.

            DId you actually read the story ?

          • @yahoo-K5XAITELSHKETDEDYIH6U5AF54:disqus 

            A programmer programs….they don’t load.

          • I don’t think you understand how this technology works.

            Its designed to be automated so that if you have an account you can call the servers and they will start robocalling your recording.

            You can tailor messages to different lists associated with your account. “Supporters” or say “Non-supporters” or different demographics.

            All these lists are compiled ahead of time and stored on the system. An employee, a programmer, or a client with remote access compiles these lists using standard database management software.

            I imagine the CIMS data was just transfered directly into the racknine system.

          • If the CIMS database had numbers associated with Geulph residents that were wrong then the list would be wrong.

            When the call was sent out anyone on the list would have recieved it whether they lived in Geulph or not.

            That’s how you can “You can call all over Ont ….by accident”

          • No, acrually you can’t.

          • Sigh OK Emily I can see you’ve paid ZERO attention to the Ivison story and to any of the other stories over the past several weeks that have explained in detail how these robocalls work.

            “no you can’t” !!! is a juvenile response.

            You were wrong ok ? You didn’t understand.

            Don’t be brittle.

          • Emily what is this profound insecurity ? This inability to admit any error whatsoever ?

            You were lacking in knowledge. You made an error. You did not understand the way this technololgy works.

            Just like you made an error when you said that the Liberal MP’s calls featured a woman using her real name.  

            Ok. Own up to it and move on.

            Yet you refuse to do so. You fall back on insults. You run out of ideas so you damage yourself with this silly behaviour.

            It just makes it very hard to take you seriously as a commentator.

          • Then how did different ridings get different poll locations appropriate for their riding?  The Globe is reporting that the Conservatives released this data and story about mistakes, but also reports that the Conservatives did not explain how the “mistakes” managed to get different fraudulent recordings made just for them.

  4. So we are down from the hysterical 30,000 number, concocted up by partisan leftists and parroted by their leftist sympathizers in the media, to a few hundred.
    A few hundred in an election where millions voted?  There is a scandal here alright, but it has precious little to do with an “illigitimate election” and more to do with an increasingly illigitimate media

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