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Pierre Poutine steps forward?


Stephen Maher and Glen McGregor tease the big reveal.

The news that Elections Canada investigators are aware of the IP address that “Pierre Poutine” used to set up the Guelph, Ont., robocall account has convinced a suspect to step forward and accept responsibility for the deceptive calls, sources say … the CEO of RackNine, Matt Meier, was able to trace Poutine’s electronic trail back to a specific Internet protocol address, which is apparently assigned to a single home. Sources say that revelation has now convinced someone to step forward and own up to the scheme.


Pierre Poutine steps forward?

  1. “… convinced a suspect to step forward and accept responsibility for the deceptive calls, sources say.”

    Are these same ‘sources’ who tried to defenestrate Sona a few weeks ago? 

    It will be interesting to see what comes of this – will  secret person take responsibility for all dodgy actions or will they shift some responsibility on to others.

    • Looks like he’s being offered a deal if he can cough up the names of some higher ups.

      I wonder what he’ll dream up to get his deal. Maybe he’ll say Mulroney is behind it all !! Lol.

      I’m sure EC will leak then leak those names to Maher/McGregor.

      And once again, without any evidence and based on the word of a known criminal, the media will try and convict the Conservatives of some grand conspiracy.

      mission accomplished.

      • EC should just fast track their investigation by chatting with you. You’ve obviously got the whole scenario figured out.

        So, tell us what Poutine’s plea bargain will look like.

        • Avoid 5 years in jail ?

          The quote from the EC source seems to indicate they think this is a 30 riding wide conspiracy.

          I guess they must think there are 30 Pierre Poutines ?

          Small fish can go free if they cough up the bigger fish.

          • Fair enough, cough up all they have, we’re listening:) 30 ridings of fraud…hmmmm never seen Canada this bad before.

          • Well, if there are 30 PP’s there is obviously somebody organizing them, right?

          • Or the guy just lies and says there are to avoid jail time …Normally the cops would verify the info being provided as part of a plea deal.
            But this is being tried in the court of public opinion. So true or not it’ll leak anyways.

          • Nobody believes there was just a one wolf; it’s far too widespread. No wonder the Conservatives can’t get their act together; no one believes anything they say.

      • Calling people on election day pretending to be Elections Canada Officials directing voters away from polling booths. Who ever is responsible will pay simple as that. If it’s Cons, then suck it up and quit whining about it. If it’s Libs, they’ll be banished forever. Either way it’s good for Canada.

        Country first!

      • So the only people to believe are Harper and Giorno?  All those Watergate hearings were such a waste, when they could have just asked Nixon.

    • One “like” for using the word “defenestrate.”

      I can’t remember which book, but Kurt Vonnegut tells of a planet where the greatest crime, punishable by denefestration, is ingratitude. Offenders thrown out the window were said to remark “thannnnnnnnnnnnnkss  a lottttt!” on the way down.

      • I love imagery of word. Haven’t read novel, sounds humourous.  

    •  So off topic but… nice use of defenestrate!  Don’t get to hear that one tossed around these days (well not since the days of the Holy Roman Empire… oh those were the days!)…

      Anyways, I agree with your skepticism.  I am also concerned that the individual who identified the IP address of Mr. Poutine is the very same person who operates the company contracted by the Conservative Party to perpetrate the robocalls.  Is it too much to ask for an external impartial (aka non-partisan) investigation???

      • I think we should be allowed to push people out of windows – it is terrific punishment. 

      • Just like the sponorship inquiry ?

  2. we know that it wasn’t just one person doing all this.Direction had to come from the top .I won’t be satisfied until Harper steps forward and takes responsibility ( and goes to jail).

    • Gerome, really? You want Harper to go to jail for this? Harper, the guy who guided our country through this economic mess? And who would you propose lead the country – the ex-NDPer who ruined Ontario’s economy? Or the NDP itself, who resemble the average Canadian that thinks they could do a better job but have no related education or experience. I know you and others think this, but the country would NOT be better off with the other options. The facts support this.  

      • I am not sure you know what the word fact means….

        • Thanks for the link.  Great article.

      • “Guided us through” – contemptible. While they did a better job than anyone had any right to expect, most of their successes was really coasting off of Paul Martin’s Finance years.

        • Wasting our money on the G20 and then cutting things we really need, like environmental monitoring. The Conservatives’ government stinks.

      • He blew 13 billion dollars the liberals left them.  Come on, he bought votes and put Canada in a bad position for the recession. We would have been b etter off with the liberals for sure.

        • Actually he paid down the national debt by tens of billions of dollars.

          The Liberals and NDP howled their objection at the time. They had great ways to spend the surplus.

          Then they cut taxes, which acted as an on going stimulus to economic growth.

          • Harper may have been devoted to paying down the debt but he did not.
            It was in the budget and even announced as such but has only grown…
            Please direct me to where I can read about the national debt actually being paid down so that I can be better informed.

          • Read the first 3 budgets they introduced.

            It wasn’t until the global recession that they started adding to the debt.

            And yes, the amount they added exceeded the amount they paid down.

            But that’s what happens when there’s a once in a lifetime synchronized global downturn in the economy.

        • You are exactly right !  We would have been much better off with no majority for the feds, then at least the populace would have a say in what decisions are being made in the name of a majority government that was gained by cheating and hate ads .
          Not only have they wasted the federal money they’ve gotten rid of political watch dogs then taken billions not millions out of health care funds and moved it to a secret heading while advising provinces that there is not much money left for health care and that since the federal gov is out of money the provincial governments  have to cut costs which of course means bed availability for us the regular people who already often have to wait months  for health care.
          Soon we will dying of the very illness that medical care could have saved us from if only the conservative government had chosen to allow health care funding in this country instead giving big tax breaks to mega corporations that are about to force everyone to work for minimum pay while they pay only 15 percent tax on their final taxable income in this country . Its all wrong.

      • What facts?
        The ones that the Central Committee manufactures to fit a particular situation comrade Thomas? Keep feeding that sort of propoganda to the electorate. Harpanistan needs good honest citizens like you.

      •  The trouble in this country is narrow-minded people like Thomas who choose to condemn any and all Conservatives before obtaining proof of wrongdoing.  Thomas should think about how his own attitude degrades political discourse.

        • Narrow minded people? so you think the the conservative big shots who put on the seminar at the Manning center and taught fellow conservatives about how to lie and cheat their way getting a majority? The conservative big wigs even discussed robo calls and how to cheat in order to get a win. You must have missed that but I didn’t and thats why I will never vote conservative again!

      • You sound like one of the Harper trolls on federal payroll , only part you left out was” lets be clear” or “let me be clear”? haha

      • Maybe your not a dummy Thomas but you sure sound like one.
        Go back a bit and read up a little.

      •  Thomas, really? If you think Harper has practiced sound financial management of our economy check out this link – http://www.cbc.ca/news/interactives/canada-deficit/. He took a $13 billion surplus and turned it into a $33 billion deficit. I would certainly not hire him to manage my finances!

      • I believe that we would be better off with Canada’s new separatist party, the NDP .

    • Harper’s a coward — he’s never taken responsibility for any of the malfeasance that’s occurred on his watch. His natural instinct is to deflect, point fingers, change the channel, litigate, hide behind GG’s skirts, etc. He happens to be the “leader” of the Coward’s Party of Canada (and co-coincidentally he’s Crime Minister of the Criminal’s Party of Canada). 

      • Gtrplyr055, inane reply. Do yourself a favour, focus on a few facts and skip the over-the-top nonsense. 

          • “consuck” and similiar name calling has no place on this board.

            Also that is a column, not a news story.

            Columns can vary in their relationship to truth.

          • After yesterday’s b.s. you lecturing on truth?  You are funny.

          • Name calling.  Classy.

      •  What are you… 13?

      •  Thomas has some good points.. you others are just upset that your party of choice are weak. Do you really think that the Liberals or the NDP can lead this country… maybe they can, when the mess is all cleaned up and governing is simple. Choices are few to lead.. Harper is doing a great job, even through the smear campaigns from the opposition. Thats all they can do is “try” to dig up dirt.. other then that.. block reasonable bills which can help our cournty.. just because they are the opposition. IGGY tatics….

        • A great job? Really? What, exactly, has he done that’s so great?
          Was it when he reversed his decision on relaxed mortgage rules? When he reversed his decision on Income trusts? When he reversed his decision on no appointed Senators?  When he reversed his decision on no stimulus in the budget?

          The only thing he’s done that’s been great is reverse his initial stance on practically every issue of importance, and he only did that because he was in a minority government. Now?  We’ve got the crime bill that will see grandma doing jail time for a year for sending her friend an oz of pot in the mail to deal with arthritis pain.

          • Don’t forget pandering to Hollywood and the hated American liberal media with C-11.

          • Pretty sure sending drugs in the mail is ALREADY illegal.

          • Yup. But before grandma would likely have received probation or community service as a sentence. Or possibly house arrest.

            Now she *has* to go to jail for a year.. which is known to be such a caring place, and which she’s sure to receive her medical marijuana to control pain without any danger of being mugged for it.

          • Thwim actually you’re wrong.

            Nothing would change in the scenario you describe.


            The new mandatory minimums only occur in situations with certain aggrevating factors.

            And they can be suspended if the person agrees to rehab.

          • Try looking at the legislation, not the backgrounder. Remember, the CPC themselves tried (and failed) to amend the legislation after they fast-tracked it through because they suddenly realized it didn’t say what they thought it did.

          • It says right in that summary that the summary does not reflect amendments by the senate.

            Then you say that the senate amended it.

            And yet you still claim that the summary will suffice.

            Think really hard on those and see if you can spot the problem with your logic.

          • @Thwim:disqus 

            You seem to have no followed this crime bill very closely or be very familiar with its contents.

            The 6 ammendments made in the senate were basically tweaks that Irwin Cotler had suggested at the committee stage in the house. They all dealt with terrorism.

            Here is the 6 ammendments the senate adopted.


            Nothing in Bill C-10 is going to be throwing Granny in jail.

            Sorry for letting facts get in the way of a good fear monger though.

    • Someone else will have to take the fall. The government of the day has the power to black everything out Gerome and they will just as they have been doing lately but I have trust in reporters who work day and night to get to the bottom of a story and in the end they will find a way to get the truth out to the public even with blackouts.Well,thats what I believe .

  3. Really, with RCMP investigating it is the RackNine guy, Matt Meier, who traced the IP address.  My what a coincidence!!

  4. You can attempt to force a person to come forward, however you can trace an IP to a dedicated residence, but if that residence is using a wireless internet gateway and is not configured for security, you have plausible deniability, therefore making it harder to press charges in such a case

    • Interenet lawyers: Worth every cent they earn.

  5. Just a couple of weeks ago, the idea of giving police warrantless access to Internet traffic was supposed to be the worst thing imaginable, but it’s ok for Elections Canada to get warrantless access to Internet traffic?

    • They haven’t asked for that, don’t confuse the issue like a typical CPC dog.

      • Seriously? Shrug…

      • ‘…like a typical CPC dog.”   You should read some of the comments of your “typical Libs and Dippers” who suggested among other things  exposing the IP addresses of any and all bloggers on Macleans online who gave opposing opinions (ala Vikileaks) so that they could smear people and stop them from expressing their views.  

  6. I hope pierre poutine is never caught. Canada needs some myths and legends to unify us – like robin hood or camelot stories – and five hundred yrs from now our ancestors should be telling pierre poutine stories to their children.

    • Love the idea; we need folk ballads, oral histories, the tales of Pierre Poutine’s crusade against ethics, integrity and fairness in our land!  Awesome.  Will work on a ditty later.

    • “One dark night the evil King Stephen, the one known as Dubya Jr., sent a member of his court, Pierre Poutine, out with lots of gold and assistants, to STEAL DEMOCRACY FROM THEIR CITIZENS.  The people rose up, caught Pierre and his boss King Stephen, put them in one of the previously-needless new jails that King Stephen had built, and elected a REAL democratic leader.  And that’s why we must be forever vigilant for pigs trying to steal elections.”

      Yeah, that DOES make a nice bedtime story…

      • It does pretty much encapsulate the current Liberal-Dipper Wet Dream.

  7. Anyone dumb enough to fall for a robocall shouldn’t be allowed to vote anyways. I hate it when dumb people vote and screw everything up.

    •  I know what you mean – it’s just like dumb people making stupid comments on Macleans.ca

    • There was a Canadian party that won a majority back in the day using sophisticated analysis of sub groups of Canadians categorized after extensive phone surveys. They spent heavily to attract and motivate a group they called “The Urban Stupids.” The party advertised heavily on daytime television and during sports events to support its mailers and calls. Guess which party?

  8. All information from RackNine should be vetted by an independent source.  I wouldn’t trust this company to do anything but come to the criminal CPCs defense.

    The party was ousted on contempt, the pattern is set.  Expect nothing more than ploy after ploy from these charlatans.

    • No kidding. 

  9. CPC is about to throw another person under the bus in order to distance themselves from what everyone already knows: Harper KNEW about this plan, he ALLOWED it, and he is NOT the legitimate Prime Minister. This govn’t is not legit, I will obey NONE of the laws they pass. All the Senators appointed by Harper should be fired and forced to give all the money back.

    Crime Party Of Canada

  10. The Ottawa Citiizen showed a lot of tech savy hunting down the VikiLeaks IP address but none when it comes to hunting down the Pierrie Poutine IP.

    Keep those presses running boys.  We have a lot of consent to manufacture here.

    • Yes.exactly.
      And while the Conservatives have been clamouring for the person responsible for perpetuating the Vikileaks assault on Vic Toews to be made to testify before a committee, I don’t hear them calling for Michael Sonas, who said that he knows who’s behind the RobCall scandal, to appear and do the same. I wonder why?

  11. Cue the Con-Bots.

  12. This is a bald attempt by PMO to change the channel off this stuff, but EC investigation will continue for months, and the real culprits will out.  I see Sona’s MOTHER says he is a scapegoat and points to how convenient it is that Racknine fingered the cultprit…can’t disagree with her on that one.  I imagine this is Prescott.  Tip of the iceberg: meet the Canadian public.

    • What I find amazing is that Burke the candidate,  is too chicken to come forward. 

    • Have you ever heard of “libel”…really…there is a case going on right now in Canada where a celebrity is suing an “anonymous” Canadian blogger.  The ONLY defence is the truth.  If you made statements about someone’s guilt and you are wrong, you are guilty of libel or slander if you speak it.  Just a heads up.

  13. Harper is 100% responsible for the actions of his party.   He’s a good start, arrest HIM!
    This was no “rogue” — this was a Canada-wide, slick, targeted operation.  Seniors were especially focussed on, for being less technology-savvy and more trusting.

    ELECTION AND INQUIRY NOW!!!  The Canadian people are JUST WARMING UP!  

    • You need more exclamation marks and capital letters.  That will greatly enhance your credibility.

      • You’re a Conservative. You have no credibility to enhance.

      • Oops, sorry, Beandip — I forgot you CorproCons don’t like the truth writ large, do ya?

        I’m sure, in fact, you’d prefer it if 89% of the writers here wrote in ‘micro’fonts…

    •  You are hilarious.  Do you have a regular comedy gig or are you just ad-lib … :-)

  14. Surprised it took them so long.I guess they thought they had their man but he didn’t want to carry the can.

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    • It does this every so often – really screws up the thread.

  17. Am I the only one having trouble with DISQUS? It’s completely glitchy.

    • you are not the only one… it makes me nuts. 

  18. This is a fundamental assault on our democracy. A by-election should be called in every affected riding, regardless of who’s responsible.

    And once we find who’s responsible, the guilty parties (as no single person could be responsible for all of this) should face jail time and be forever barred from public office.

    Anybody who had knowledge of this and didn’t act or speak against it is an accessory and should share in the blame, and the punishment. This isn’t a little blip, it’s the most serious and wide-spread electoral fraud in our nation’s history. If we let this pass, it will only show that Canadians are satisfied to be ruled, rather than governed, and that we don’t deserve democracy we enjoy.

  19. lol…was just thinking the same – two political science professors reading to their children:)

  20. If people didn’t phone them, pretending to be from Elections Canada telling them their voting booth location has changed, we wouldn’t have election fraud today in Canada. Unfortunately we do and calling innocent voters dumb after they were “CONNED” is beyond insult. 

  21. Public Inquiry. That is what I want!  I have no faith in EC. People need to know what our “elected” officials are up to. EC is a bunch of public servants and biased.

  22. Not only do you not need much tech savvy to spoof a phone number and caller ID but it is entirely possible to spook IP addresses as well.  Where do these reporters get their information?   

  23.  Yes we need some amateurs and not the election professionals. DOH!

  24. what are all U people afraid of?  If U  don’t like the outcome of the last election– wait till  the next one–& vote them out?? They all do these kind of things 2 each other–at election time– this particular scheme–sounds 2 me- was done by a disgruntelled group–4 the –hell–of it!! !Too much ” tado”–about nothing!! I –too–have had calls from other parties–in the past—didn’t like the way I was going 2 vote– so had a sarcastic remark 2 make–about it all!!!