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Pierre Poutine


Elections Canada traces the disposable phone linked to fraudulent calls in Guelph.

The fraudulent robocall that misdirected voters in Guelph came from a Virgin Mobile disposable cellphone registered to one Pierre Poutine, on Separatist Street, in Joliette, Que, court documents obtained by Postmedia News, the Ottawa Citizen and the Edmonton Journal show.


Pierre Poutine

  1. I live in Guelph and pierre’s poutine is delicious after a night out at The Albion and we are staggering home.

  2. Ever since the days of Thompson, Stinson and Day, Cons have been keen on private detectives, subterfuge, skulking about and other such 007 tactics.

    Although I really think they could have done better than a name like Pierre Poutine on Separatist St.

    Farce unaware of itself.

    • Or the all-too familiar “I-like-to-ridicule-the-Kweebeckees” attitude.

      • Sorta like leaving your calling card behind eh!

        • Con Con Macoute ?

          • That’s interesting. Are Haitian cultural references common in Quebec or are you familiar with Greene’s wonderful novel, The comedians?

          • That is an excellent coinage, very evocative and apropos . . . chapeau!

    • You do realize that it was Liberal party operative Warren Kinsella who literally wrote the book on political black-ops in Canada, right? Oh, you don’t? Surprise surprise.

      • What does that have to do with it?

        Besides who has the initials P.P.??

      • I believe his actual name is, Kinsella Source Of All Evil.

      • And had you read it, you’d have discovered it didn’t involve rigging elections and subverting democracy.

      • Does he recommend illegal activity?

      • So, now the Tories are emulating Jean Chretien AND Warren Kinsella!?!?!?

        Pre-2006 Stephen Harper would be appalled!


  3. Sounds like part of a clean and ethical campaign to me. 

  4. Mmmm…poutine. 

  5. Pierre Poutine? Maybe it’s the 22 year olds after all (or the 22 year olds who never grew up).

  6. Virgin Mobile?

    Couldn’t even be bothered to buy Canadian when shopping for their burner phone?

    How far we’ve fallen from grace.

    • Totally off topic, but what the heck: Presumably, this is Virgin Mobile Canada, as opposed to the unrelated U.S. Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobile Canada is owned by Bell Canada.

      • I’m confident you’re probably right, but even had I known I couldn’t have passed up the joke.

        • Congratulations on making the first joke in history about Virgin Mobile that had nothing to do with it’s name. 

          •  …virgin territory, so to speak

          •  Thank you for noticing! I was a bit proud of that.

        • What you call a nun on a wheelchair? Virgin mobile ; )

          (couldn’t help it)

          •  How can you be so cruel? (To me, I mean, not the nun.)

          • ; ) I have sorely missed you!

  7. Waaiittt a sec… has anyone deposed Rick Mercer yet? Maybe he’s given up talking to Americans and started in on his own…

  8. LOL

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the worst effect of this scandal on the Tories came from their immature dissing of Quebeckers?

    • It definitely would. 

      • You don’t want to make us angry, you wouldn’t like us when we’re angry.

        I always wanted to use this line :)

        • Hey – you may get to sooner than you think.

  9. Here’s a song about Pierre Poutine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXKcDkULIEE