Place your bets -

Place your bets


Thomas Mulcair makes a wager.

“I don’t think the Northern Gateway is on,” Mr. Mulcair said after a news conference in Vancouver. “The smart money is on that project not going through.”

He also says his mind is more or less made up, regardless of what the federal review eventually says.

Meanwhile, B.C. Premier Christy Clark talks tough, while Alberta’s intergovernmental affairs minister sees no reason to change course.


Place your bets

  1. Place your bets

    Already did. Three months ago, here:
    Harper and Oliver can scream all they like. My money is on the longevity and ” rapidly-escalating feats of ingenuity” in the courts and elsewhere by First Nations/aboriginals to delay the Gateway Project long enough to make other routes (such as Danielle Smith has proposed – to the East Coast of Canada) economically viable – you know the time value of money argument.

  2. “He also says his mind is more or less made up, regardless of what the federal review eventually says.” – So can we presume that a bunch of scientists are going to blame Mulcair for the death of “evidence”? Or are we supposed to believe Mulcair is smarter than everybody else? Is he Al Gore, inventor of the Internet and Climate Change? Pfft, didn’t think so.

  3. Mulcair has made a safe bet IMO.

    He could care less about Alberta because Albertans haven’t showed the NDP the love in any significant way so why not stick a thumb in their eye just for kicks. In BC, the provincial Liberals are dead in the water with a NDP provincial goverment-in-waiting biding their time. Try and get that line in if the provincial government does not want it to happen. Despite the cutsy Enbridge commercials BC’rs are not interested in another pipeline from what I can see, because a) not enough cash flowing to BC for the right-of-way and b) tankers and c) oil spills d) NTSB report on the Michigan spill by another Enbridge pipeline.

    I do think that this plays nicely into the hands of the Americans who don’t mind a big landlocked supply of Canadian oil and NG that they have the only access to. If you are the only bidder of a product the price tends to stay low.

    • Yeah, if tar really was employee intensive (I’ve only studied oil in China, an American multinational, and Vestas) there would be more AB ridings up for grabs. The CEO, mostly American, petro execs, don’t vote here. Those profits aren’t employees. Ontario almost went CPC in the Dion/Layton election. I think at the last minute Dion switched to jobs (CPC attacked Green Shift) and Harper remained stuck suggesting their wouldn’t be recession (if it was caused by investor fear and not USA investment banks and CRAs might be a tenable position), releasing platform 4 days before election…CPC got ON last year. I dunno how. I guess we like causing holocausts and holodogs now. I guess I’ll be eating the leftover dogfood. No one else will. I will. I’ll eat all the dog food now to warn the world and maybe my holodog will prevent another human holocaust?

  4. “Gateway to Hell” is my next handle…I still don’t like that two of my Edmonton temp employers didn’t see fit to call me (1st time in 8 yrs I got a cellphone after hacked in Cgy) to let me know my agreed upon work shifts weren’t on. Hell of a good Russian employer at EPS though. I’ve figured out where there is employer prejudice, an Iranian biz owner in Hfx was my only hope for a summer job there (doughboy) last year after the Mormons got all Romney on me, look for out-of-town or immigrant employers.
    My job had the most occupational danger. But I didn’t get the two sets of earplugs to prove my point and was impossible to wear their Mormon respirator during hot days. I deafeningly cleared the grinding machine everytime a bigwig came by to make my point, but in ther end I wasn’t Mormon so I was not treated fairly.